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GESTAPU, which stands for Gerakan September Tiga Puluh (September 30 Movement) is an action initiated by Partai Komunis eIndonesia (PKeI) to protest the government foreign and military policy. GESTAPU occurred on 30th September 2009 which was symbolized by the Resistance wars by PKeI member in Western Australia, Northern Cape, and Western Siberia.


During February up to September 2009, Indonesia was actively involved with several epic wars. Some of them are preemptive strike or helping PEACE allies. One of the most popular war is in Western Siberia, against Romania. Indonesian government then opened an agreement with Russia as the rightful owner of the region to keep the region until the Russian government ready to defend the region with their own power since the region has a border with Romania, member of ATLANTIS (PEACE sworn enemy).

Not long after the war, Russia successfully restored their strength (supported by a baby boom) and actually had an adequate military and economic power to reclaim the region from Indonesia. However, due to the good relationship, Russian government seemed to be ambiguous in asking the region from Indonesia, while Indonesia as the temporary owner seemed to enjoy the economic boost from the high resource region. Meanwhile, the same thing also occurred with Australia, with West Australia region. Even though both governments had an agreement to return the region to the rightful owner, Australian government seemed to be afraid to Indonesian military power.

This circumstance, according to PKeI is a disgrace to the nation. PKeI stated that the whole country dishonor the alliance, enjoyed the growth which was belong to the Russian citizens. In the official press release of GESTAPU, Left Margin, newspaper owned by one of PKeI member, the action is a solidarity act for Russian refugees who lose their homeland and a symbolized action against all imperialist and capitalist action.


The idea of GESTAPU was firstly launched by Pharaoh Revival on PKeI second gathering in real life. The idea is to free Australia and South Africa from Indonesia’s occupation. Due to the unavailability of the feature that time and also rejected by the current party president, Koolemo, the idea then was neglected. One year later, the idea was actively discussed, mostly because the governments tend to open a new battlefront to satisfy the needs of war and national pride.

Most of the anarchist and internationalist wing of PKeI felt that it is time the party should do something to build an awareness of the false pride. In order to achieve the goal, the party then planned to place one of their trustful members as the country president and military leader. In the beginning, the party chose wowox as the country president candidate. Unfortunately a week before the election, wowox was banned due to unexplained reason. The party, after a long and boring meeting session between party active member, then chose 8uj3l as the successor since he was quite popular then after forcing the current MoFA to quit and become a MoFA (even though he is not quite successful as MoFA according to official party evaluation).

The plan was successful due to the absence of influence competitor on the election, 8uj3l was elected as Indonesian president and also the first one from the party. 8uj3l then elect w0w0x (the resurrection character of wowox) as the military leader and aranigr as the minister of finance. With the policy, military and economy on the party side, the preliminary step was completed. The next step is the negotiating and propaganda stage. The party assigned Pharaoh Revival acted as international negotiator and domestic propagandist, while Drestajumena, aranigr, Putraordie and 8uj3l also created an unrest situation in national newspaper section. Pharaoh Revival then successful in gathering internationale (international forum for leftish party) support with the help of fortehjustice and Maksim Chuikov from CPSU Russia. During the negotiation, all the party involved clearly understand that the mission is not to free the occupied regions due to the lack of resources, but merely as a symbolize act for the Internationale to resist all kinds of imperialism. Internationale then officially support the revolution stated by the military support from most leftish party’s battle group. The operation was officialy coded as Operation of the praire fire.

The final step is the execution stage. Due to the tightly policy of PKeI to keep the operational stage in a mist, the only thing that we can ensure is Imortal press the RW button in West Australia, Drestajumena in North Cape and Pharaoh Revival in Western Siberia. During the war, the party locked the national weapon warehouse and also national treasure to make things more difficult.

The war

Knowing that Indonesia was seemed to be powerless, PEACE allies entered the warfare to put out the revolution. Ironically Russia and Australia themselves seemed to be fighting to keep their regions on the imperialist control for they are afraid to make Indonesia annoyed. PEACE’s power were actually uncomparable with the Internationale strength. All the regions were secured fast enough before even touching the underground.

Post War

The next day, all the fog of wars were vanished, and the party returned all the weapons and national treasure to the government as a good intention in order to keep the action clean from corruption accusation. As expected, after the war, most of the citizens then throw their angry words to PKeI. There were many angry articles with some bad words were publish to criticize and mock PKeI’s nationalism. The good news, GESTAPU was the trigger for the Russian and Australian governments to continue the neglected negotiation. GESTAPU’s goals were accomplished.


These were several links for domestic and international propaganda during the planning and execution of GESTAPU

Pharaoh Revival (PKeI)Apakah ini orang yang sama - Critics to the elected government in August about the election of foreigner as a MoFA. This article is part of the plan to place one of the party member (8uj3l) in the August government to boost his popularity

[Dissenting Opinion] End this war - Critics to the elected government to stop the war to improve the economic condition

[Dissenting Opinion] Menara Gading - A philosophical critic to Indonesian elite character who acted as an ivory tower and have a contra productive action for Indonesian improvement

[Dissenting Opinion] Jadi? - Critics to the government who ignore the people and the dream of communism

[Dissenting Opinion] Habis sudah - Final critics to the government and warning for lost confidence from the people

[Dissenting Opinion] GESTAPU: R for Revolution - Official statement of the revolution and welcome notes for all revolutionist all around the world.

Aranigr (PKeI)

To be or not to be - Invitation for Russian citizen to fight for their motherland

8uj3l (Indonesian president from PKeI)

[Istana] Kesaksian seorang presiden - The Indonesian President which is one of PKeI’s elder excalate the domestic political tension by carelessly leaking the underground operation by the General council of PKeI

[Istana] Pembangkangan - This character once again try to prove his loyalty to the country rather than to justice by leaking the information about Internationale support for GESTAPU.

[Istana] Hanya ini yang terucap - The Indonesian president try to resolve the conflict by asking PKeI to return the weapon warehouse and national treasure. Putraordie (PKeI)

Kesaksian Dewan Jenderal - This articles was published by the PKeI members who confirmed the existence of revolution preparation by General council of PKeI.

Drestajumena (PKeI)

[Untuk Presiden terpilih] Mana???? - A warning to the elected president from PKeI to start making a breakthrough policy to achieve communism

Untuk Presiden dari Partai Kami….8uj3l - Critics to the government related to the economic policy

Jawaban saya mengenai wacana GESTAPU!!! - Flash back about the party recent condition and the denial about the general council of PKeI attempt of the revolution

Where is communism in this land??? - Invitation to the local citizens of Russia to fight for their freedom.

Lihat ke sini (PKeI)

Time for Anarchy - Support for GESTAPU from PKeI anarchy wing

Cogito Ergo Sum (PKeI Party President during GESTAPU)

[PKeI] Sikap Partai Komunis eIndonesia - The party president try to confuse the citizen by denying the revolution attempt which was stated by the country president earlier

[PKeI] Terima kasih rekan-rekan - Article released by the current party president to thank all the participated institutions and individuals. This article also officially inform the return of the national weapon warehouse and treasure.

Fortehjustice (CPSU)

Thank you for your support in WSR - A welcome invitation from the president party of CPSU for communist and socialist parties from all around the world – Russia, Ukraine, Bolivia, Sweden, Croatia, Spain, Serbia, USA, UK, Slovakia, France, Finland, Columbia, Italy. We also have the support of many organizations – workers militia, people’s army the bear cavalry, RKKA and many more.

Maksim Chuikov (CPSU)

Comrades, the operation has begun - Maksim Chuikov, one of CPSU elder try to convice and justified the revolution and encourage the citizen to fight for their homeland.

Workers Revolution (Ukraine Leftish Newspaper)

The landmark of the World Left Front in the armed struggle - Invitation to the workers and militia all over the world to fight against imperialism

Crveni Glasnik (Ukraine Leftish newspaper)

Pocetak kraja PEACE saveza - Critics for existing alliance.

RW u West Siberia! Borita se! - Invitation for Ukraine leftish to join the revolution

Comintern (Internationale official newspaper)

Workers unite in the struggle against imperialism - Official press release for GESTAPU from the Internationale .

The red flag (Alliance of Popular Resistance from Germany)

Operation Praire Fire - Information to the Germany leftish related to revolution

Operation Praire Fire - Invitation to the Germany leftish to join the revolution

Anti Imperialism Operation - Alert to the Germany leftish that the operation had just started

Other Perspective

O0Nem00o (Indonesian ultranationalist leader, Indonesian former president)

Jadi arah kita kemana nih? - A challenge to the newly elected Indonesian president to improve the national condition

Heran…Saya gak ngerti deh politik (Pro saudaraku yang suka warna merah) - Another challenge to Indonesian government and PKeI as the origin supporting party

Update 4: Dukung Konstitusi – Defend WA - A chronicle article related to GESTAPU include the military instructions due to the absence of the Indonesian military leader

Repost Gan – Teruntuk Kawanku Di Party You Know Who - Poet for the fail attempt of the revolution

Update: Kepada Para Ketua Partai minus Partai You Know Who - Comfort article to the citizen post GESTAPU

Rekonsiliasi dan sebuat tawaran alternatif untuk visi dan misi EI - Plus and minus of GESTAPU and a reconciliation article for better Indonesia

Anggigani (PKeI)

Sama rasa sama rata katamu? - A hard critics from a newly joined PKeI member about the GESTAPU

Bodrex (Indonesian citizen)

Untuk Saudaraku di PKeI - An apologize article for bad words during the GESTAPU

Girly Kiky (Indonesian citizen)

Akhirnya - Opinion and critics for PKeI and GESTAPU

Carr De Vaux (Malaysia)

Communism Uprising in Indonesia - Malaysian pers opinion regarding to GESTAPU

MoredanKantose (Russia)

CPSU Epic Fail - Mocking article for the fail RW attempt

Heymans (Former CPSU)

eCommunism- Lots of lulz - Different point of view from ex CPSU elder related to the methods to achieve communism
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