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Тhe Ghost Booster was introduced to the game on Day 3,046. You will receive one Ghost Booster per day after completing the daily tasks. You will not receive a ghost booster for completing daily order.

Introduction of The Ghost Booster (Image taken from the Latest Updates article: The Ghost Booster)
You get to see the extra damage in the left corner on the Battlefield

When activated, the Ghost Booster gives you 30% of the biggest damage/hit of the Citizen who fights in the same Battle, Round, side and Division as you.

a) If in Round 1 of a Battle there fight 10 Citizens and the Citizen with the biggest damage/hit is Citizen A who makes 1,000 damage/hit, when you activate the Ghost Booster you will make 300 damage/hit + the regular damage/hit you have.

b) Citizen A hits 18,000 damage/hit with Q6 Weapons and 100% booster. Citizen B hits 2,000 per hit. Max hit = 9,000 (100% Booster not taken into account). With the Ghost Booster active, Citizen A will hit for 18,000 + 2,700 = 20,700, and Citizen B will hit for 2,000 + 2,700 = 4,700.


Each Ghost Booster lasts for 1 minute.


The Ghost Boosters can be stored and have no expiry date.


If the conditions aren't met, the booster will be unavailable to use
  • You will not be able to activate the Ghost Booster in a battle on your Citizenship Country’s side.
  • You may activate the Ghost Booster only if you are located in one of the countries involved (you cannot activate via Mutual protection pact)
  • Damage Boosters and Bazooka Boosters do not influence the max hit in a round, nor do they increase the Ghost Booster’s damage bonus
  • Big/Small Bombs and rockets will not count for the bonus

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