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Logo of GiftsGiftsGifts
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
HeadQuarters Ontario
Parent Archaean Enterprises
Workers 10
Quality 1
Industry Manufacturing
Product Gifts


To keep Canada well.

Employee Benefits

Wellness Program

GiftsGiftsGifts' mission is to keep Canada well, starting with its workforce. If you have at least one week of experience and your wellness is below 80, you have the opportunity to purchase 10 wellness points for $10. This is roughly a 50% discount on the current price for gifts and less expensive than buying higher quality food. This program may be used any time your wellness is below 80% granted that you keep your citizen fed with at least level one quality food.

Wellness may be purchased above 80% or by non-employees through Archaean Enterprises at the market rate.

Housing Program

If you have 75% of the money saved for a level two quality home (or greater), GiftsGiftsGifts offers interest-free loans for the remaining 25% that can be repaid via payroll deduction. Please contact Archaean Enterprises for more information.

Canadian Armed Forces Support

Supporting Canada means supporting our armed forces, and if you must travel to fight, GiftsGiftsGifts will save your spot for when you return. CAF members can use the wellness program to regain their strength to limit of 60% (instead of 80% for non-CAF members).


Turn-over among new employees can be high, and if you're a new employee with a poor attendance record you'll probably get fired. Fortunately GiftsGiftsGifts offers severance equivalent to two days wages to help you get back on your feet. Simply contact Archaean Enterprises to receive your compensation.