Golongan Kaskus

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Golongan Kaskus

Party-Golongan Kaskus.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Abbreviation GolKus, Golkus
National rank 1
Website Kaskus
Newspaper THE Lounge Golkus
Organization CENDOL SEGER
Founded 16 November 2009
President koye
Members 88
Congress Occupancy 8/40 seats, 20%
Succeeds eIndonesian Minorities Party
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Golongan Kaskus was a party born from one of Indonesia's main community forum, which is Kaskus. Golongan Kaskus was formed in 16 November 2009 as Center-Left Liberterian party, and was taken over from eIndonesian Minorities Party. At first, it was called Kaskus Empire Erepublik Party and then within a few days the name was changed to Partai Kaskus eRepublik. After some discussions between members, it was changed to Golongan Kaskus in 20 November 2009.

Its first party president was irshandy. It reached its first goal, to be a 70 members-sized party, right after the end of his presidency. And it keeps growing until it reached 129 members on 5th week after it was formed. Golongan Kaskus was in its golden age when kelapaijo was Party President at Golongan Kaskus.

In 2015[Detected on May 1st], party changed the orientation to Center-Right, while in 2015 it is the largest party in Indonesia with more then 150 members.

Name Origin

The name "Kaskus" derives from the Kaskus forum, dubbed "The Largest Indonesian Community". The name "Golongan Kaskus" is a play of the name Golongan Karya, a real-life Indonesian political party.


Menjadikan eIndonesia mempunyai komunitas yang utuh dan solid


Mewadahi apresiasi kaskuser di komunitas eRepublik Indonesia

Party President

Great deal of party presidents served, but absolute leader by elected terms is raepras by 11 elected terms, followed by Matahari with 4 elected terms.

Year 2009

Year 2010

Year 2011

Year 2012

Year 2013

Year 2014

Year 2015

Congress members

This is the list of known Congress members who have wiki page:

Golongan Kaskus Paramilitary Unit

Main article: KuliBata

Golongan Kaskus has one paramilitary unit which is KuliBata with its tagline "Military Unit Buli-Buli".

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