Gordy Browning

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Gordy Browning

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Young War Vet Erep.jpg
Nationality Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealander
Date of birth Nov 22nd 2011
Date of death 2012
Congressman of New Zealand
25th April 2012 –
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Gordy Browning is a relatively new citizen who has grown Military Wise, Economy Wise and Politically Wise very well. On day 1,620 his medals are as follow: 5x Hard Worker, 5x Super Soldier 2x Congress Member, 1x Battle Hero (achieved day 1,610) and 1x True Patriot.


Gordy Browning Started out his Life in the country of Australia. During his time in Australia he Created the APP (Australian Parliamentary Party) He then left his small Life for bigger things after getting his first Congress Seat.

Gordy left Australia for Canada. He grew in size and then left to the USA which he stayed for 2 months (His Longest Citizenship that was not his birth country) while here he made many friends and joined the Airforce (MU) but left after those 2 months. He then ended up in New Zealand where with his past friends being here immediately joined the KMG and PnPP. He then got into Congress