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Gottfried von Fritz

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Nationality Flag-Chile.jpg Chilean
Date of birth 21/02/2009
Date of death 2010
Residence Zona Central
Sex Male
Congress member of Chile
25/04/2009 – 25/05/2009
25/05/2009 – 25/06/2009
25/06/2009 – 25/07/2009
25/09/2009 – 25/10/2009
25/11/2009 – 30/11/2009
25/02/2010 – 25/03/2010
Congress member of Peru
25/06/2009 – 25/07/2009
Minister of Defense of Chile
05/10/2009 – 15/10/2009
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile
15/10/2009 – 15/10/2009
Preceded by iVicentico
Succeeded by Daniel Ortega
17/01/2010 –
Preceded by iVicentico
Succeeded by E. Cattanneo
Under Secretary of Embassies of Chile
06/07/2009 – 05/10/2009
Preceded by Position created
Succeeded by Daniel Ortega
05/01/2010 – 17/01/2010
Preceded by Rachsuchtig
Succeeded by iVicentico
Judicial Prosecutor of Chile
05/03/2010 – 05/04/2010
Preceded by El Nihilista
Military rank Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Gottfried von Fritz (AKA Gott) was a politician, businessman and Chilean soldier.


Political Career

In the beginning, Gottfried joined the Partido Rodriguista political party and was elected every time that he stood as a candidate in Congress. While a party member, he received his first governmental appointment as the Ambassador of Chile, and then as the Undersecretary of Embassies in the government of ProfetaVI.

Then von Fritz changes to the Movimiento Americano Social party, where he was "taken out" by his scandal with the sale of citizenship, a few days before the Congress elections, while had for a consequence of losing his self-given titles of nobility and invalidated his undersecretary position by the government of Purururin which left him only the ambassador position in Peru (a position with which lasted until the government of IVicentico).

After wandering in foreign countries, he was invited by Nicodemus Ipolitas Kazlauskas to the Partido Nacional Republicano (mainly to cease the attacks on Gottfried). At that party, he became friends with Alain Echeverri, a friendship that lasted until the end. He was appointed Minister of Defense in his presidency. He was also the Minister of Foreign Affairs (which literally laster for one day), a position left vacant after the former minister (IVicentico) resigned and proposed an Impeachment in the Congress.

Afterwards, he disappeared from the national scene and switched to the Chile Unido party, to which he was invited by ProfetaVI and which was then taken by a minority group of extreme leftist. After the party was recovered by him, he was facing different struggles: if he wanted to take the Union Democratica Liberal, to make a monarchist party (Sacra Unión Monarquica Absolutista, a joke) Gott was to be taken very seriously by the members of that party, and to drive out the above mentioned party from the Congressional elections.

When Gott CU recovered on the day of the election, Partido Rodriguista party was very cautious, because they believed that Gottfried would make the monarchist party, and then backed the other candidate for the presidency. While von Fritz talked with the same presidential candidate supported by Partido Rodriguista, Gott had to leave the party presidency for personal reasons, leaving it to ex-president of the original party, ProfetaVI, which earned a positive point in Gott's credibility... And missing 999 to reach 0.

After the return from Spain, because of the lack of battles, he becomes part of the Union Social Independentista party.

After the theft from the coffers of Chilean Organization, the "president" (president because there was no other candidate as a sign of the national unity) Fauno, offered him a post in his government, undersecretary of foreign affairs, which he accepted. He was absent between Jan. 6 and Jan. 12, the latter being the day that Gott finally gets rid of his personal problems, the reasons for which few know, but Gott never revealed who these people are.

Bussinessman Career

Gottfried at his first attempt, was an exploiter, using a system called by him "Neofeudalism", where he would pay his employees with a low skill, a seventh of what salary should be. Afterwards, when in Chile the salary was a real misery, for everyone lower than 6 skill points, Gottfried was offering better salary, and by doing it, he was one of better businessman of the country.

Von Fritz had two organizations:

  • The Claw Co Lmtd, created by him, what has the first company, purchased to Cherman, another businessman, also a Gott's friend.
  • Superbodega aCuenta, a gift from eLuxhoro te vo' a pegarte, that coincided with the RL birthday of Gottfried; aCuenta had the companies

Newspaper Career

From the organization The Claw Co Ltd, he writes different articles to the newspaper El Trompetero (The Troumpeter). Most of the written articles were about himself, and his opinions.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 8x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 8x Congress Member
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 7x Super Soldier
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif 4x True Patriot