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This page contains elements/concepts/ideas which are NOT eRepublik Game Features.

The Government of the Philippines

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This page is intended as a guide to all Filipino citizens, citizens resident in the Philippines and indeed anyone with an interest in the Filipino nation. Please check the #FAQ section before contacting an individual person or department.


Executive Branch

The President of the Philippines (Filipino: Pangulo ng Pilipinas, informally: Presidente ng Pilipinas (derived from Spanish)) is the head of state and government of the Republic of the Philippines. The executive power is vested in the President of the Philippines. This power includes the creation of departments and appointment of department heads and staff.


Departments are listed in the order of foundation, not order of importance or size.

Department of Defense

The Department of Defense is responsible for giving the Daily Orders and handle the Armed Forces of the Philippines, under the command of the President.


Minister: RaymondN
Vice Minister: Baz III Glow In The Dark III




Armed Forces of the Philippines



Department of Economics

The Department of Economics was created by Big Boy Bulley to improve the Philippine economy under his term.[1]

This department is usually further divided into two departments by the other presidents.

Department of Finance

Overall financial responsibility for the Philippines lies with the Department of Finance. Inquiries can be directed either to the Bank of Philippines or to the Minister of Finance. All new payments to be received or claimed from the Philippines government should initially go through the current Filipino President. All existing payments or receipts should go through the Bank of Philippines. The Filipino government would respectfully request that citizens trading in PHP respect the suggest trading prices wherever possible.


Minister: Liana Paldrov (also Governor of Bank of Philippines)
Vice Minister:



Department of Home Affairs

The Department of Home Affairs is responsible for making sure all Filipinos and visiting citizens have the opportunity to find reasonably priced food and a fairly paid job. This department was last active in May of 2013.


Minister: Al Raposas (as of May 2013)
Vice Minister: Liana Paldrov (as of May 2013)





The Public Employment Service Office is responsible for giving fairly paid jobs to new players and at the same time serving as a training ground for them. It was created by Quin2k around Day 732. [2] The functions of this institution was revived in the short-lived Philippine Labor Organization. (PLO)


Department of Trade and Industry

The Department of Trade and Industry is responsible for the exporting businesses of the government.


Department of Foreign Affairs

Diplomatic relations between the Philippines and other countries are nurtured and maintained by the Department of Foreign Affairs. Enquiries about the Philippines from external nations should go through the Department for Foreign Affairs.


Minister: kb1992
Vice Minister: agent of chaos


Foreign Service

To make life easier for the Minister of Foreign Affairs, he usually hires Ambassadors who personally builds the diplomatic relationship with between Philippines and his assigned country.

National Intelligence Coordinating Agency

The National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) are responsible for identifying threats to the security of the Philippines, either by people, organizations or other nations.


Minister: Lacon Yan


Department of Education

A department started by Hazzn which aims to educate citizens on all aspects of the game and the Philippine nation and its government.


Minister: Vincenzo Roque
Vice Minister:


Ministry of Culture and Arts

Started by Hazzn as Ministry of Merriment whose first duty is to keep the people of the Philippines entertained and to remember that this game is meant to be fun. It was reestablished by Al Raposas as Ministry of Culture and Arts.

Minister: Boy Pick Up
Vice Minister: nikkpuhl3z3




Philippine Information Agency

The Philippine Information Agency (PIA) is responsible for creating various programs and tools that can help the government in the game through the erepublik API.



Department of Public Displays of Affection

Filipino websites are some of the best-designed and most content-rich in cyberspace. They are testament to our creativity and resourcefulness. Sure, you'll find a heap of garbage. But so many sites are real gems that deserve a permanent bookmark in your browser. The Department of Public Displays of Affection's duty is to spam these sites to bits and get people to join eRepublik. The activity of this department was discontinued.


National Historical Institute

The National Historical Institute is responsible for researching about the history and writing it on the wiki.


Prince Terence II

Positions in the Departments

To become a Director, Assistant Director or even just staff member of any department, a citizen must apply for the positions when the President of the Philippines calls for applications. When the President doesn't call for applications, it means that he/she will just appoint citizens that he/she already know to be capable of the position.

A Director, Assistant Director, and any other position in the departments usually serve for one month along with the President. But, it is in the prerogative of the President if he/she is going to dismiss a department's Director, Assistant Director and staff and replace them from the new applicants.

Legislative Branch

The legislative body of the Philippines is the Philippine Congress (Filipino: Kongreso ng Pilipinas). It is usually composed of 40 Congressmen where 36 are representatives of the 4 regions of the Philippines, and the remaining 4 are wild card winners.

The members of the Philippine Congress are elected by the people of the Philippines every 25th day of the month. Each member elected will receive an amount of 5 Gold and 20 Experience Points.

The Philippine Congress is headed by the Speaker elected by the its members. The Congress members under the current Party Administration will be under the Majority Wing of the Congress while Congress members who are not under the current Party Administration falls under the Minority Wing even if they constitute the large membership percentage of the Congress.


Official Philippines Forum FAQs


  1. What i Will Do: A Brief Summary
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