Government of Italy for October 2012

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icona Cabinet was the cabinet of the Italy from 6 October to 5 November 2012. It was the 19th goverment of the party Aquila et Gladius, the 65th cabinet of the Italian Republic and the cabinet of the 59th Legislature. It was composed of 7 Minister and 13 Deputy-Minister, for a total of 20 members. This government was a coalition composed mainly by three parties, Aquila et Gladius, Giustizia e Libertà and Liberta' eItaliana, but in the cabinet there was also members of other parties like Partito Comunista Eitaliano, La Giovane eItalia and Iniziativa - Every Single One.

Ministry Position Minister Party
Office of the President President icona Aquila et Gladius
Vice-President Castell militarista Aquila et Gladius
Ministry of Defence Minister of Defence Riccardo Cicca Cornara Iniziativa - Every Single One
Vice-Minister of Defence Cmax15 Liberta' eItaliana
Vice-Minister of Defence Tommaso Crociera Aquila et Gladius
Chief Army (CdSM) Chief Army wolf127
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs Belo Horizontee Giustizia e Libertà
Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Madre Superiora
Trainee Dez Fafara Giustizia e Libertà
Ministry of Interior Minister of Interior ziotony91 Aquila et Gladius
Vice-Minister of Interior Giuseppe Stan Partito Comunista Eitaliano
Vice-Minister of Interior aweddiano Liberta' eItaliana
Trainee Innocenti Giustizia e Libertà
Responsible for Welfare Madre Superiora Aquila et Gladius
Responsible for Welfare millyi
Responsible for Welfare s.l.y
Ministry of Economy Minister of Economy icona Aquila et Gladius
Vice-Minister of Economy ziotony91 Aquila et Gladius
Trainee Marius Monti Giustizia e Libertà
Ministry of Information Minister of Information Castell militarista Aquila et Gladius
Vice-Minister of Information Bodom Gdansk Liberta' eItaliana
Vice-Minister of Information Stedee Aquila et Gladius
Consultant Daniel Sempere La Giovane eItalia