Graveyard of Sweden

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This is a list of important citizens in Sweden which are now dead.

the "dead persons"-thread at

Rest in peace all beloved deceased citizens of Sweden

Persons to honor

Lahitraho - Producer of the newspaper Erep Sifo.

Landie - The first president of Sweden

Carradine - The first Flashback Sweden president in Sweden

Flammbar - Five times President of Sweden and considered by many as the best president in Swedish history.

Persons to remember

SoulOfSweden - The First Head of the Swedish Ministry of Defence.

ScymeX - A great industrial leaders and partyleader of Arbetarepartiet MSAP, Sold his account.

Highwon - One other great industrial leaders.

Cain - The first World Ambassador (Basicly Minister of Foreign Affairs), member of MSAP

Atreyu - MSAP-member and beloved politician

Leon Pong – Party leader of Democrats of New Sweden

Kibla - Officer in the Swedish Military and Soldier in the Eden Military Corps, Sold his account.

AndroX - Officer in the Swedish Military and the first commander of the Swedish Paratroopers, Admin of the Swedish eRepublik Forum, Sold his account.

Johannes Koskinen - Officer in the Swedish Military and Soldier in the Eden Military Corps.

icehacker - One of the founders of the political party FRONT. President once during early 2010 and quit the game after the V2 nerf, late summer the same year.

Persons we hated to love

GHurka - Famous spammer and politician from the beginning.

Etweor - A Swedish politician.

Gustavius - Famous forum troll and spammer, gave away his account.