Greater Finland

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Greater Finland

General Information
Country Flag-Finland.jpg Finland
Owner Dethir
Founded Oct 8th, 2008
Subscribers 1

Greater Finland Newspaper

Greater Finland was created to share information for players, so that they could be prepared for the future. Some news might be about Political parties or bugs, but there will be other info too.


  1. Greater Finland has been writing about information, such as:
    1. Annoying bugs, Finnish Companies, etc.
  2. Greater Finland was 1st Finnish newspaper to create an wiki article.

Jobs in Greater Finland

Greater Finland is looking for people who like writing and would like to write something about eRepublik Economy, etc. Paying

Jobs in Greater Finland job page

  1. Työpaikka sivu: [1]
    1. Finnish Food Factory - [2]
    2. Suomitalo OY - [3]
    3. Suomen puu-teollisuus - [4]
    4. DC Wood - [5]
    5. Finnish Forests - [6]
    6. Q2 (Gifts) - [7]
    7. Patria Weapon Systems - [8]
    8. FunFood - [9]


Greater Finland had help with creating this Wiki article. Jacob Hansen [10]