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Grow With Us

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Grow With Us

General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Total Soldiers 2
Commanded by dunglefan
Part of Every Single One
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Grow With Us is a Military Unit which was founded by the political party Every Single One. It continues to be funded and run by them. The unit is one which specialises in introducing new players to various concepts of the game, whilst supporting them financially. The current makeup of the unit is focused on a more concentrated approach; with supplied membership capped at 10. Non-supplied membership is unlimited. Those who are above Division 1 and who wish to join, will not receive any supplies, but can take part in the community, or seek out advice from the group mentors.

Requirements and Supplies

The current requirements of the unit are:

  • Membership of Every Single One political party and Grow With Us military unit
  • Division Icon division 1 blue.png player
  • Interact with and contribute to discussions on how to improve the UK, unit or party
  • Login, work and fight daily
  • Work in an approved Grow With Us company

If all of the above requirements are met, you are eligible for supplied member status. This is currently capped at 10 to ensure that the highest amount of funding and support for all members. Those who are accepted for supplied member status will receive a minimum of £125 or 10 Q7 weapons per day, whichever the member decides to take. This does not include extra funding to build companies or build training grounds, which will also be given during the Special Offer discount periods.


Founded on day 2343 from ruins of British Army, Grow With Us is part of the Every Single One family. It's main purpose is to support the growth and retention of the next generation of leaders and contributors to the United Kingdom. Support in the form of financial backing, individual mentors and group competitions / events are used to ensure new players have a reason to continue to play the game, support their own growth as well as experience and enjoy as much of the game as possible.

The Unit has the ability to fund 10 players in its 'Supplied Members' regiment. The non-supplied regiment offers weekly funding in the form of food, weapons and money wherever possible, whilst providing the same highly engaged and supportive mentorship.

High command

This is the last known High Command as of June 2014:

Icon achievement Party President on.gif

Unit Commander

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Second Commander Citizen2084780.jpg

Elle Roslin

Head of Mentors Citizen201456.png


Head of Supplies Citizen1238689.png


Head of Competitions Citizen3555521.png