Grupy Operacyjne Narodowej Demokracji

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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

Grupy Operacyjne Narodowej Demokracji


General Information
Disbanded 2012
Country Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Region Little Poland

Grupy Operacyjne Narodowej Demokracji (GOND) from the beginning was a party formation. Main task of GOND was to give more fun for Narodowa Demokracja party members. It had never changed. In the beginning GOND was divided into mobile team and one fighting only from Poland (in most for Congress members). The unit also had GOND academy (Akademii GOND).

GOND was something new in Poland. Very well organised party group making outstanding damage in many important battles. This formation had over 75 active members and lasted until the beginning of 2012 when it merged with - GWARDIA - military unit.


GOND was formed on 8 December 2009 with an initiative of few Narodowa Demokracja members with leadership of Henryk Kwinto. The first battle in which GOND fought hard was Saarland. Fighting Group was expanding and gaining a lot of kind words from next Presidents of Poland. During V1 Grupy Operacyjne Narodowej Demokracji]] had never left top10 of Polish Fighting Groups.
In that time, GOND was divided into 2 or even 3 teams. First one was for newbies and Congress members - and was staying in Poland, the second one was mobile but employed in Manufacture companies deployed in Poland, and the third one was deployed in Spain for working in Iron Companies.
During V2 GOND was one of Military of Poland that survived and was still fighting. The situation was bad, but people were still well organised even when half of them have left the game.
And then V1.5 arrived. People were coming back, the unit gained more and more power and was again one of the top Polish Forces.


This is the last known recruitment demands to become a member of GOND:
1. Membership of Narodowa Demokracja
2. Minimum 1100 Strength
3. Minimal Rank of Icon rank Major.png Major

Known Commanders

  • Trawa