Guild of Hard Workers

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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

The Guild of Hard Workers
Logo of The Guild of Hard Workers
Country Flag-UK.jpg UK
Headquarters London
Founded February 2009
Industries Construction, Manufacturing and Raw Materials

The Guild of Hard Workers was formed to give employers a guaranteed quality of worker, and employees a guaranteed good rate of pay.

Qualifications for Joining the Guild

  1. Possess at least one hard worker medal
  2. Be active on the forums
  3. Work each day

Qualifications for being a Guild Accredited Business

  1. Encourage employees to join the Guild
  2. Pay workers higher wages in recognition of their hard work

Joining the Guild

To join, a Personal Message to the Guild Master had to be sent.

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