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Citizen5002881 v6.jpg
Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
National rank 281
Date of birth 22 July 2011
Residence Icon-Canada.png Quebec
Sex Male
Political party Canadian Progressive Front
Newspaper Stuff and thangs...
Congressman of Canada
September 26th 2011 – October 25th 2011
January 26th 2012 – February 25th 2012
Military unit The Praetors
Position Member
Rank Icon rank World Class Force*.png World Class Force*

Gunny165 was a citizen of Canada. There are rumors that he briefly died at the beginning of 2014, but came alive few months later.


Gunny165 is a member of Canadian Progressive Front and a former ambassador to Germany. On day 1,772 (September 26th) he was elected for a congressman as a member of CPF under the party leader Auk Rest. Gunny165 became an ambassador to Croatia on day 1,777 (October 1st 2012) On 25th of February CPF got 32.6% of all votes on congress elections so he became a congressman for the second time. Gunny165 was inactive for a long period and than on day 2,109 I rejoined again CPF and the party president was TheSmoke. During congress elections for September - October term, Gunny165 supported Canadian trial membership in alliance Circle of Trust.


Gunny165 joined Canadian Armed Forces on July 26 2011 and served there to December 27th 2011, achieving a rank of Master Warrant Officer. During his time in Canadian Armed Forces he served in 12th Coroleone's Armored Wolverines, 5ht Canadian Guardians and 3rd Shuttlecocks Platoon.

12th Coroleone's Armored Wolverines.jpg 12th Coroleone's Armored Wolverines logo.jpg

Gunny165 made this banner of 12th Coroleone's Armored Wolverines. It wasn't used officially by CAF!

Gunny165 left Canadian Armed Forces and joined Independent Legion on February 09, 2012. Commander of Independent Legion was Macubex8. Some time latter he left the Independent Legion due to his long inactivity.

Independent Legion.jpg

Gunny165 rejoined Canadian Armed Forces on June 6 2012. On June 8 his application has been accepted and became a cadet in 1st Royal Reconnaissance Platoon of the CAF Army. On Jul 02 2012 he was promoted to Corporal by Osbornm.

1st Royal Reconnaissance Platoon.jpg

With an iron will to push the invaders off Canadian coast on day 1681, Gunny165 won a Battle hero medal on a battle for Newfoundland and Labrador Flag-Canada.jpg against Spain. Inflicting 2,847,464 damage and helping Canada to secure the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. That is his top damage in a single battle so far. Icon achievement battlehero on.gif

Gunny165's second Battle Hero medal was won for Argentina in battle for province of Lima Flag-Peru.jpg, causing 107 kills and 1,125,534 damage. The competition was tough, anivlis with 102 kills, causing 1,096,472 damage. Icon achievement battlehero on.gif

Poland invaded Canada on a day 1,735. The resistance forces were trying to liberate Quebec Flag-Poland.jpg from polish occupation and they were successful. Gunny165 dealt 813,166 influence and caused 42 kills, on a day 1,746 winning his third Battle Hero medal. Icon achievement battlehero on.gif On day 1,748, the resistance force attempted to recapture Nova Scotia Flag-Poland.jpg that has been taken by the poles and that is the battle where he got his fourth Battle Hero medal. Gunny165 dealt 560,680 influence and 46 kills. Icon achievement battlehero on.gif It was the 5th battle and only 2nd division managed to get all domination points.

The resistance force of Denmark organized an uprising in 1,756. Gunny165 won a battle hero medal dealing 250,000 influence and 1 kill. Icon achievement battlehero on.gif

On day 1,762 Gunny165 became a captain for the 7th regiment of Canadian Armored Forces. Captain elections.png

On a day 09th Oct 2012, Poland attacked Canada once again, but it was told that it was a training war. Gunny165 gained his 6th battle hero medal while setting his top damage in a battle for Nunavut Flag-Canada.jpg on day 1,779. He dealt 3,417,888 damage with 205 kills. Icon achievement battlehero on.gif

The 7th Battle hero achievement was awarded to me for dealing the highest influence in the battle for Nunavut Flag-Canada.jpg for Canada against United Kingdom on day 1,862. Icon achievement battlehero on.gif

Due to Spanish conquest, Canada has almost been wiped out. I was one of the resistance supporter on 2 occasions: on day 1,910 in Quebec Flag-Spain.jpg and 1,917 in Ontario Flag-Spain.jpg. Those resistance wars were won by Spain. In battle for Ontario Flag-Spain.jpg I won my 8th battle hero dealing 4,558,651 damage. Resistance-forces.png Icon achievement battlehero on.gif

Rejoined Canadian Armed Forces on day 2,109. Current commander was TheSmoke. Gunny165 was awarded with top 50 decoration from epic warfare tournament on day Day 2,129, acquiring 7,746 prestige points and finishing on 49th position.


On day 2,130 he left Canadian Armed Forces to join United States Airborne, a branch of United States Military. Since Canada became trial member of Circle of Trust, Gunny165 was fighting for USA, Canada and other members at the same time.
Same day he got accepted and assigned to Division 101, platoon 1 with rank Private US Army E-2.svg. The PCO was Lt. Crimsonninja


On day 2,224 I left United States Airborne and rejoined Canadian Armed Forces.

After a long period of inactivity he joined S.H.I.E.L.D. on day 2,477.

On day 2,521 he became full member of The Praetors.


Icon achievement hardworker on.gif 15x Hard Worker
Icon achievement congressman on.gif 3x Congress member.
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif 8x Battle Hero.
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif 39x Super Soldier.
Icon achievement truepatriot on.gif 12x True Patriot

Other Info

Canadian Medals (Not in use anymore)

CAFMember-Medal.jpg Former or Current Member of the CAF

CAFOfficer-Medal.jpg Former or Current CAF Officer

HonoredFighter-Medal.jpg Self Funded Canadian War Fighter - Not using any form of government funding for a month

UltimateTank-Medal.jpg Ultimate Canadian Tank - Inflicted over 500,000 Damage in one Canadian Battle

CanadianTank-Medal.jpg Canadian Tank - Won the Hero in a Canadian Battle

Ambassador.jpg Former or Current Canadian Ambassador

Former Avatars

Citizen5002881 v3.jpg Citizen5002881 v2.jpg Citizen5002881 v4.jpg- Where the hell is my tommy gun?

Citizen5002881.jpg - So many lost comrades...

Citizen5002881 v5.jpg - Who are all these people?

Citizen5002881 v6.jpg - Not for the glory, but for Canada!

Please note: the flags are showing which country is holding it in the moment of battle.