Southern & Caribbean Fleet

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Southern & Caribbean Fleet


General Information
Country Flag-UK.jpg UK
Region London
Type Combat Fleet
Total Soldiers Classified
Part of [[The Royal Navy]]

The Southern & Caribbean Fleet was one of six fleets in the Royal Navy, and was merged out of the seperate Southern Fleet and Caribbean Fleet in 2009.


Ships of the Fleet

HMS Beliskner

HMS Beliskner breaching the surface to approach port.

HMS Beliskner was commissioned in July 2009, and later added to the forums by Rodney Mckay. It was the first submarine of the Royal Navy. Alistair Bollocks would be the first Captain of this mighty vessel.


After Captain Alistair Bollocks stepped down from command, MrDaniel became the new captain. He continued to serve aboard the Beliskner untill the 7th of March 2010, when he decided the step down in order to pursue a career in the Royal Marines. Captain Phyrax took his place.

HMS Cardiff

HMS Cardiff

HMS Cardiff was commissioned in early July 2009.


From Captain Lieutenant
Day 829 Jennifer MacLeod Mike Kelley
Day 860 Jennifer MacLeod MattWas
Day 874 MattWas

HMS Cardiff had it's own IRC channel, #Cardiff at the Rizon network. It was owned by QWERTY95.

HMS Cutlass

HMS Cutlass

Cutlass was formally commissioned, becoming HMS Cutlass, by Admiral R.R. Napier and command handed over to Captain Lloydy Kelly on 7 of August 2009. It began service in the Carribean Fleet, before the merge into the S&C Fleet.

Active Service

HMS Cutlass was part of taskforces assigned to defend PEACE GC interests in North America and Asia before its collapse which signalled the end of World War III.

Since the start of the Phoenix/Eden conflict, the HMS Cutlass was part of the taskforce involved in the New England Campaign, has been deployed to Asia during the American Expansion, including Heilongjiang, and fielded in various battles on the European Front, including in defence of Germany and the British ATO/invasion of Belgium.


From Captain Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant
Day 862 Mofo Jacx lsmod
Day 805 Emergy Maxfell JosephB Wally Porter
Day 780 DannySkudder Horice G Fossil
Day 775 DannySkudder BarneyMonkeyMan
Day 747 Ullok BarneyMonkeyMan
Day 747 Tom Morgan Ullok
Day 729 Lloydy Kelly Ullok
Day 627 Lloydy Kelly Tom Morgan

HMS Katana

HMS Katana is a ship in the Royal Navy. It is known for it's members spamming on their thread on the United Kingdom's forum, and is often referred as HMS Spam by the other ships in the navy.

The HMS Katana was commissioned in September 2009, by AotF. R.R. Napier.

List of Captains

List of Lieutenants

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