Pacific Fleet

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Pacific Fleet

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General Information
Country Flag-UK.jpg UK
Region London
Type Combat Fleet
Part of The Royal Navy

The Pacific Fleet was one of six fleets in the The Royal Navy.

Ships of the Fleet

HMS Excelsior

The HMS Excelsior is part of the The Royal Navy and serves as a mobile fighting unit.

The HMS Excelsior is one of the 4 ships of the Pacific fleet which harbours HMS Defiant, HMS Daedalus, HMS Enterprise and of course HMS Excelsior.

General History

  • In Early January 2010, Name In Wash was appointed to Lieutenant.
  • In Early February 2010, Spygon joined the Royal Marines and left the Captain position to Name In Wash.
  • In Middle February 2010, Greatmoff and Andalas were promoted to Lieutenants.
  • In Early March 2010, Name In Wash resigned as Captain and Andalas was promoted to the rank of Captain.
  • On April 21 2010 the Ship is sent to a scrap-yard as part of the UK's military reforms. She is mourned at her resting site every Wednesday by ex-Cap'n Andalas and occasionally other ex-crew members and Naby Commanders.

Notable Battles

  • The crew mates of the Excelsior fought for the Hungarians in the battle of Heilongjiang against the USA. The Battle was won by Hungary.
  • The ship fought for the United Kingdom in the battle of London against the USA. Fortunately, London was safely defended.


  • Cap'n Andalas. The last Captain of the H.M.S. Excelsior.
  • Captain Name In Wash.
  • Captain Spygon.


  • Excelsior means "superior" in Latin.

HMS Westminster

The HMS Westminster was the Congress ship of the Royal Navy, for those with political appointments who could not move. It was commissioned as HMS Daedalus, but later renamed the Westminster.