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General Information
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Total Soldiers 195
Commanded by Blue Bird
2nd Commander Clausru

HOPE is a military unit in Canada.


HOPE was established in light of the Citizen supply program. Basically, HOPE is not meant to compete for members with the CAF or TCO, but rather act as a halfway between the heavier activity (IRC/Forums) for a more in game approach to belonging to a military force.


The unit started with 9 regiments, so with this much regiments, there were many different leaders supplying their regiment.

Daily Supply

HOPE has a marvellous supplying system that provides the members of the military unit with a unique advantage. Weapons and food are supplied daily, thus making it a great unit for new Canadians who may be in need of assistance.

Original Supply Rules:

1. Fight and be supplied.

2. Members of level 1-15 get 300 health points supply in equivalent food but no tanks.

3. Members of level 16-20 get 500 health points supply in equivalent food but no tanks.

4. Members of level 21-22 get 700 health points supply in equivalent food but no tanks.

5. Every member from level 23 that has registered:

  • from 15 kills to 24 kills for past day gets 3 Q6 tanks
  • from 25 kills to 49 kills for past day gets 5 Q6 tanks
  • above 50 kills for past day gets 7 Q6 tanks

6. Each member upon joining MU has to have some/any avatar set or they won't be supplied after level 20.

7. Members that haven't fought WITHOUT/WITH explanation for more than 7 days get removed from MU.

8. Manage your storage capacity. Full storage - missed supplies.