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Nationality Flag-South Africa.jpg South African
National rank 45
Date of birth Oct 16, 2010
Date of death Oct 13, 2012
Residence Amazonica
Sex Male
Newspaper The Daily Nothing
Congress of South Africa
Sep 25, 2012 – Oct 25, 2012
Rank Icon rank Private.png World Class Force *

Was born on Oct 16, 2010, Day 1060 of the New World, in eLatvia.
He earned his first Battle hero and Campaign hero on day 1,644 while successfully defending Vitsebskaya against Belarus on Latvia's side.
On June 5, 2012, Day 1659 of the New World, changed name. The current name consists of HS which are initials from his previous name and the word "positive" which symbolizes his approach on the game.
On July 13, Day 1696 became a citizen of eSouth Afrika where he gained his first congress medal on day 1770.
In his last days he become a Battle hero "hunter", thous gaining some gold for his daily training and growth.

Seeing as how the game wasn't the same anymore, he commited suicide on day 1,789, leaving all of his belongings to his best friend.

People now ask: "What happened to his "positive approach" on the game?"


Icon achievement hardworker on.gif 14x Hard Worker
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif 35x Super Soldier.
Icon achievement society builder on.gif 0x Society Builder.
Icon achievement resistance on.gif 2x Resistance Hero.
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif 35x Battle Hero.
Icon achievement campaignhero on.gif 1x Campaign Hero.
Icon achievement mercenary on.gif 2x Mercenary Medal.
Icon achievement truepatriot on.gif 9x True Patriot
Icon achievement top fighter on.gif 0x Top Fighter.
Icon achievement congressman on.gif 1x Congress member.
Icon achievement president on.gif 0x Country President.
Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif 1x Media Mogul.