Halk Ordusu

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Halk Ordusu

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“…Ve biz hiç ihanet etmedik ülkemize. Ve biz hiç ihanet etmedik yurdumuza. Ve biz hiç ihanet etmedik halkımıza…”

General Information
Country Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey
Total Soldiers 98
Commanded by Adi Herif
2nd Commander akbaba.can
1st Regiment Captain Avenger35
2nd Regiment Captain Aleksandr Pokryshkin

Avatar used by members of the Halk Ordusu.
Halk Ordusu (Eng. Citizens Army) is a military unit, established on 19th of January 2011 under the leadership of the Radikal Sol Parti as the main objective aims to protect the territorial integrity of Turkey. It was commanded by three leaders - Eldarion Sionnodel, Derebeyi4434 and Two Spirals.

Today the unit is under command of Adi Herif.

On 6th of June, additional division named Halk Ordusu Milis Kuvvetleri was established due to big number of recruits. Commander of this additional division was leventdummuzi. The additional division was dissolved after some time and merged with main unit.


Citizens Army's Commune Manager
Logo Name Quality Product Employees Logo Name
Hunting Lodge TurKo Geyik Food Raw Materials 13 / 10 Eldarion Sionnodel Eldarion Sionnodel
Food Factory TurKo Ekmek Q5 Food Factory 8 / 10 Woneo Woneo
Rubber Plantation TurKo Kaucuk Weapon Raw Materials 20 / bercdo bercdo
Weapons Factory TurKo Tank Q5 Weapons Factory 12 / 10 Woneo Woneo

Members 2010/2011

This is the list of members in 2010/2011:

Citizens Army Members
Logo Name Position Level Rank Logo Name Position Level Rank Logo Name Position Level Rank
Eldarion Sionnodel Eldarion Sionnodel Commander 28 Field Marshal Derebeyi4434 Derebeyi4434 Commander 24 Commander* Two Spirals Two Spirals Commander 24 Commander*
afat7979 afat7979 Soldier 26 Colonel Chimere Chimere Soldier 27 Lt Colonel*** Woneo Woneo Soldier 25 Lt Colonel***
Deniz Kerasus Deniz Kerasus Soldier 24 Lt Colonel** Vasili Zaytsev Vasili Zaytsev Soldier 24 Lt Colonel* ibni sina ibni sina Soldier 24 Lt Colonel*
cCceses26cCc cCceses26cCc Soldier 24 Lt Colonel Aleksandr Pokryshkin Aleksandr Pokryshkin Soldier 24 Commander*** Erdem.tekin Erdem.tekin Soldier 24 Commander***
tolgaksk tolgaksk Soldier 24 Commander** The.Passenger The.Passenger Soldier 24 Commander** teoman mete teoman mete Soldier 25 Commander**
Koray Can Talu Koray Can Talu Soldier 24 Commander** Volkan54 Volkan54 Soldier 25 Commander** bercdo bercdo Soldier 24 Commander**
Ozay Akyol Ozay Akyol Soldier 24 Commander* solomoncan solomoncan Soldier 24 Commander* Bj Blazkovicz Bj Blazkovicz Soldier 23 Commander
FCIMEN FCIMEN Soldier 23 Commander ffako ffako Soldier 24 Commander comandante.semih comandante.semih Soldier 23 Major***
Rommelizm Rommelizm Soldier 23 Major*** HojinBaykal HojinBaykal Soldier 23 Major*** marioAZ marioAZ Soldier 23 Major*
bayram ismail bayram ismail Soldier 22 Major* Bozidar94 Bozidar94 Soldier 22 Major encounterer encounterer Soldier 22 Captain***
Weave Weave Soldier 22 Captain*** curretkar curretkar Soldier 22 Captain*** ezreal mkd ezreal mkd Soldier 21 Captain**
Bilgehan Canli Bilgehan Canli Soldier 21 Lieutenant*** SABRI BAYRAK SABRI BAYRAK Soldier 20 Lieutenant* Blackjack03 Blackjack03 Soldier 20 Lieutenant*
RevolutionaryTUR RevolutionaryTUR Soldier 20 Lieutenant

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