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Nationality Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistani
National rank 6
Date of birth June 26, 2010
Residence Little Poland,Poland
Sex Male
Political party Pakistan Revolutionary Front
Newspaper ePakistan Times
Congress member of Pakistan
26 September 2010 – 26 October 2010
Served under Max McFarland 2
26 November 2010 – 26 December 2010
Served under kotekzot jr
26 December 2010 – 26 January 2011
Served under kualkerr
26 June 2011 – 26 August 2011
Served under raao
26 November 2011 – 27 November 2011
Served under redphienix
Minister of Social Affairs of Pakistan
7 July 2011 – 7 September 2011
Served under raao
7 September 2011 – 7 October 2011
Served under Policy
7 October 2011 – 12 october 2011
Served under Umer Liaqat
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan
7 July 2011 – 7 September 2011
Served under Ahsan Shahbaz
Ambassador to India of Pakistan
23 October 2011 – 27 November 2011
Served under Annihilator10
Minister of Interior of Pakistan
7 November 2011 – 27 January 2012
Served under umer liaqat-Abdullah Sardar-raao
President of Pakistan Revolutionary Front of Pakistan
15 November2011 – 15 May 2012
Military unit Pakistan Army
Position Member
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal***.png Supreme Marshal***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Quotation for hamis11:

 Dio loves hamis 
(Dio Brando , hamis11 is the first non dioist guy admired by dio brando )

Quotations said by hamis11:

 Dont speak that truth that makes it a lie 
(hamis11 ,Day 1,337, 03:17 )
 If you don't know everything then don't do anything ! 
(hamis11 , Around day 1337 unknown time )

Hamis11 Born on Jun 26 , 2010 .

About Hamis11

Hamis11 is a Pakistani citizen of the New World born on day 949 . Hamis11 is serving Pakistani government for a long time. Worked as a congressmen four times . Also worked as deputy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs twice and Minister of Social Affairs 4 times in a row .

First interaction with Shahrose Khan and membership of Badmash Youth

Hamis11 first met with Shahrose khan for help via food. Then Shahrose khan decided to create a group to train low experienced citizens to make them experienced and named it Badmash Youth. Hamis11 was the one of the first member to join Badmash Youth .

Time of Max Mc Farland2

Max Mc Farland2 elected in 2010 as the country president in Pakistan . He invaded India and conquered the whole region, at the time, hamis11 got the full time to grow its military skills, and raised its rank to Capitan. hamis11 also entered in politics as congress member .

Political Career

Hamis11 started his political career as a congress member in September 2010 with the help of shahrose khan who supported hamis a lot. Hamis11 always tried to be loyal to his country Pakistan. Hamis11 had became congressmen 4 times. Also worked as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs twice and Minister of Social Affairs thrice .

Congress 2nd term

After a lot of political and military awareness hamis11 participated in November congress election and won a seat. Got many friends and known as a loyal Pakistani .

Congress 3rd term

Hamis11 showed his loyalty and the government of Pakistan has let him participate in congress elections once again, the people of Pakistan voted for him and he became congress member 3rd time.

Congress 4th term

hamis11's 4th congress office started on 26th of June 2011 .

Congress 5th term

hamis11's 5th congress seat started on 26th of July 2011

Congress 6th term

hamis11 became congressmember but right after congress elections , a conflict with the "kings of Paksitan" made him leave the country .

President of PRF

hamis11 became the president of Pakistan Revolutionary Front in 15th od December 2011, Pakistan revolution front is the biggest party . And president of Pakistan is chosen from PRF .

Military Career

Hamis11 have a rank of SupremeField Marshal*** . Also having 25 super soldier medals. Hamis11 was ex member of Badmash Youth, Lashker, ACAB, Lazokrasi , AHI , BUV, Pak Army and Special Service Group. Hamis11 is one of the 10 most damage dealing fighters in Pakistan .


Hamis11 returned on 9th of June 2011. Hamis11 helped in recruiting program of policy and recruited 50 players in a day ! Hamis11 was given the ministry of social affairs. And was made deputy of minister of social affairs for North America and South America continents. Peace talks with India failed as hamis11 wanted, then the war continued to defeat India and India wiped out from the map . But soon , China attacked and conquered Pakistan and India regained its regions, hamis11 contributed with everything he had . After this , with a lot of support , Pakistan regained Balochistan .


Pakistan tried to regain regions, hamis11 worked in different countries and supported Pakistani government. After this, hamis11 got Turkish Citizenship . And purchased his first weapon raw material and weapon buildings . Hamis11 returned ePakistan soon and started working . Also planned the second babyboom project tat he named mega babyboom project and megaboom project .

Hamis11 institute of eRepublik social sciences

Hamis11 started a project in Pakistan to train newbies in the game . Hamis11 started it when he was given the ministry of social affairs . Hamis11wrote articles via newspapers for newbies . This institute was a great success .

hamis11 as MoSA

hamis11 did those things that were unimaginable in ePakistan . He started baby boom program , which was the first baby boom project in ePakistan , which was a great success , in one week , ePakistan's population surged from 100 to more than 600 . He handled social matters as well as many other things , he wrote tutorials , recruited babies and handled congress elections at the same time . Hamis11 reained on the seat of MoSA for a record of 130 days , the biggest term in erepublik as Minister of Social Affairs . After that , he got busy in RL and was removed form MoSA seat by the President of the time umer liaqat . Later ,ministry of social affairs was merged to minister of media .

Conflict with the crooks of Pakistan

Right after congress elections , a conflict was started between the crooks of Pakistan and hamis11 . It caused hamis11 to leave ePakistan , he resigned from his current seats : 1: Congress member 2: Minister of Interior 3: Deputy minister of economy 4: Ambassador to eIndia


hamis11 is one of the best known Pakistani troll, his visit for inci channel for trolling was one of his best "trolling performance", he can easily troll anyone in 5 minutes.


Hamis11 owns the following amount of medals :

Icon achievement hardworker on.gif hardworker (x12) Icon achievement congressman on.gif Congressman (x6) Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif Super Soldier (x25) Icon achievement battlehero on.gif Battle Hero (x2) Icon achievement truepatriot on.gif True Patriot (x3)