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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
Date of birth June 5, 2011
Date of death 2013
Residence Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Sex Male
Political party EPIC
Previously Bulgarian Communist Party
Newspaper The Cryptograph
Party president of Bulgarian Communist Party
July 2011 (Party Founded) – 15 August 2011
Succeeded by Velislav Djambazov
15 October 2011 – 15 November 2011
Preceded by Podliq Armenec
Succeeded by Pescho
Secretary general of Bulgarian Communist Party
5 November 2011 – Post abolished
Congress member of Bulgaria
15 November 2011 – 15 December 2011
Squadron Independent Legion (Previously Soviet Red Army - Bulgaria)
Position Member (Commander in SRA-B)
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal***.png Field Marshal***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Hashspy was a Bulgarian with Canadian passport, founder of the now-dissolved Bulgarian Communist Party, commander of the dissolved Bulgarian Defenders and Soviet Red Army military units and press director of The Cryptograph newspaper (Previously Mila Rodino). He frequently funded and supported charities, giveaways and communes, as well as sometimes holding them.


Hashspy's political life is built mainly on top of his reputation from his newspaper and projects. He is termed by some to be a "Leader of the Bulgarian Communists" and "Oligarch of the 4th Power", with the latter referring to the popular phrase that "The media is the unofficial fourth power, after the executive, legislative and judicial".

In his party, he gained popularity with his movement to a Communist party, with his supporters named the "Pro-Hashspy faction" and his opposition the "Anti-Hashspy faction".


Hashspy often collects Gold, but then gives it away on several projects, aimed at Bulgarian development. Despite what some speculators claim, Hashspy is not rich by any means, due to his repeated giveaways. Most of his money goes to the projects.

After Bulgaria's allignment with ONE, Hashspy cut off all funding for State-run and state-subsidized, as well as Pro-ONE military units in Bulgaria, in a boycott against it. Instead, he is moving give-away operations to his new country of Canada.

Hashspy's companies are enough for him to be able to live off them, being a civilian.

Mandate in Congress and the BCP's reform movement in Bulgaria

During November, the Party gained a lot of activity, in the beginning. The party's Secretary general was elected into Bulgarian Congress, supported by a treaty with United Bulgaria, a treaty, which was cancelled a few days later on UB's side.

The movement to reform started immediately, with everyone aching to help Hashspy swing the country left. This began with his attempt to dissolve the Bulgarian Constitution. The proposal however failed, due to less than 50% voting activity. The proposed constitution would have vastly expanded the President's powers, limited the market, controlled opposition and brought leftist ideas into Bulgaria, where able. It would have also given Hashspy a honorary title and his Party a permanent place in Bulgarian Politics.

After this attempt, UB totally split from the BCP and a coalition formed against the Communist Party.

Hashspy managed to rally public support for his reforms once again, only to be branded a populist by his opposition. The party has since then tried to find alternative ways to put the pressure on the congress to pass the bill, but has failed.

Hashspy's Uniform for the SRA-B and the International Partisans

Shortly after, Hashspy candidated himself for the post of Chairman of the Bulgarian National Assembly, his candidancy was however denied due to him not fitting the requirements. He criticized the elections, stating that none of his opposition formally candidated, leading to political instability and a rift in Bulgarian parliament.

Eventually the groups met in a public chat and decided upon a moderate course of action, as not to lead Bulgaria into despair. Hashspy then went forward to help other parties push for citizenship and stability reforms, which he supported. He tried to gather enough support for a second bill passing, but was unsure of weather it would be worth the risk. The Party eventually decided to go more slowly. It has then dedicated itself to preserving political stability and tuning out and internationalist foreign policy in Bulgaria and has for the most part - succeeded in this endeavor.

Hashspy claimed he will not participate in the next elections, due to too little support from other Party Presidents, considering it a waste of time and resources, claiming that "Communism can only be achieved via the partisan method" and increased funding for the BCP's partisan wing, using his own resources.

From then on, he moved to a more moderate position within the congress, supporting other parties projects, so as to get the support of as much people as possible.

Later on, when a new candidate became Chairman of the Parliament, Hashspy stopped his condemnation and, along with some other congressmen supported the Chairman throughout his mandate.

Hashspy at the top of the list

In the last few days of his mandate, the Chairman of the Parliament awarded the title "Most active congressman of mandate November-December" to Hashspy.

Hashspy said that he would not run for a second mandate, as he would help in the forming of the Soviet Union in Albania. Soon after, Bulgarian Communist Party vanished.

eCanadian Life and Careers

Following his immigration to Canada, Hashspy reformed his newspaper into a more canadian fashion and switched to writing english-only articles, aimed at the Canadian community. As the Bulgarian government was fighting against ancestral allies, Hashspy refused to give supplies to members of Bulgarian state-owned or state-financed Military units and members of the Pro-ONE government in his new giveaways, instead giving those supplies to Canadian players. However, he still gave supplies to those that stayed loyal to EDEN.

Just a week later, he was nominated Minister of the Interior by presidential candidate SashaK of the Military Dictatorship Party (MDP), a nomination which he proudly accepted. This led to him joining the MDP, however he still held good relations with EPIC and its members, due to ideological similarities and mutual cooperation.

As a few more weeks passed and the MDP leadership was reshuffled, Hashspy left the MDP, because of misinformation and disorganization in the party, caused by inactivity of some members and false circulating rumors. He kept playing without a party for a few more weeks. Later, he joined the ranks of EPIC, due to their increased activity, around the Presidential campaigns, however, similar to before, he held close relations to the MDP and its leadership and continued to support them.

Hashspy supports both the MDP and EPIC, but was, however netural in the "Rolo Debacle" and did not take a side in the affair.

On the military side, Hashspy quickly joined the Independent Legion (IL), due to recommendations given to him, during his stay in the MDP, as well as from members of EPIC. He fought for the MU, as well as worked constantly in its commune, which provided him with more supplies.

Later on, after Canada started a campaign to attract foreign immigrants, Hashspy invited some of his old Bulgarian friends into Canada and registered their citizenship via IRC. Jokingly reffering to himself as "Immigration Minister", he brought lots of immigrants into Canada, hance bringing more activity to the Canadian community, although it put him at par with far-right groups that opposed immigration. His program was well-met by the government and by the people and is, fundamentally, a big success.

Hashspy greeted the "Circle of Trust" alliance with good press and tried to re-establish cordial relations with Bulgaria, stating that "this is an excellent opportunity for reapproachment" and called for the war with Turkey and Greece be brought to an end and for Bulgaria to become pro-EDEN, along with the rest of CoT. Even though the Bulgarian government was still pro-ONE, the alliance remained relativeley neutral, something which Hashspy approved of.

Later, after a complex debacle with his contacts, several hundred thousand dollars and dozens of gold, meant for the establishment of a new political and military system were mysteriously lost, Hashspy banned the former party members from using "controversial" means of aquiring gold, as not to cause administrative retribution on Plato's side. He revealed to the public, that he had, in fact, been in contact with some Communists and were starting a new scheme for creating a new political system, which included, for the first time ever in his projects, a fully independent and high-capacity commune, that would be open to the public, however was no longer able to, due to this financial blow.

After the lost funds blocked the implementation of his plans, he opened up more talks with the Communist Party of Greece and perticipated in the talks, held by the CPG, for the establishment of a 3rd International Comintern. Hashspy backed the plan, which also included a bailout package for his own party and a contract system, which was made to earn the Comintern funds trough a transparent way, that didn't rely on excessive bureaocracy. After the talks it became clear that Hashspy was in a top position, within the Comintern and would become one of its founding members. The Comintern is currently pending construction, with the CPG sending out envoys to communist parties across the world.

Hashspy marked his first eBirthday, while in Canada, on June 5th, 2012. He was unable, however, to do a giveaway, as he would have wanted, as he was incredibly short on money and could not afford supplies. He went on a "2-click" mode, logging in sparingly and only for basic functions.

Achievements Unlocked

Hashspy has unlocked the following achievements:

Icon achievement hardworker on.gif Hard Worker (x8) Icon achievement congressman on.gif Congress member (1x) Icon achievement president off.gif Country President (0x) Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif Media Mogul (2x) Icon achievement battlehero on.gif Battle Hero (1x)
Icon achievement truepatriot on.gif True Patriot(3x) Icon achievement resistance off.gif Resistance Hero (0x) Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif Super Soldier (x22) Icon achievement society builder on.gif Society Builder (x1) Icon achievement party president on.gif Party president (x2)

Interviews and press coverage

http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-hashspy--1902077/1/20 - (Bulgarian) Interview with Hashspy, leader of the Bulgarian Communist Party

http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-hashspy1-1956808/1/20 - (Bulgarian) A second interview with Hashspy, from another media.