Herbert Mustermann

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Herbert Mustermann

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Nationality Flag-Germany.jpg German
National rank 77
Date of birth 08.02.2010
Residence Saarland, Germany
Newspaper Die Gute Zeitung,
formerly known as
Party president of Sozialdemokratische Partei eD
19.01.2011 – 15.03.2011
Preceded by Tiuri
Succeeded by RudiDutschke
Party president of Sozialdemokratische Partei eD
15.01.2013 – 15.02.2013
Preceded by Bragge Schorsch
Succeeded by Duracraft
15.11.2016 – 15.12.2016
Preceded by Thuroi
Succeeded by Erikardus
Congress member of Germany
Military unit Bundeswehr
Military rank Icon rank God of War**.png God of War**
Aircraft rank Aviator 2.png Aviator**

Herbert Mustermann is a German citizen who resides in Saarland, Germany.


Logo of party named by him

During his career, he was a nominee on several presidential elections, however, never got elected as President of Germany. His consolidation prize was getting elected on three times in Bundestag
Herbert was a member of several parties, including:


Herbert is a soldier in Bundeswehr.


He was the owner and general manager of four companies which are operating on the German food, grain and iron markets.