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Another resistance begins in Urals.

Failing to take Zaporozhia from Romania, Hungary decides to attack Podolia and Donbas instead.

Central Black Earth is finally returned to Russia by Hungary with a resistance war.

Indonesia attacks Western Siberia of Romania, causing one of the biggest battles in history. This is signified by the large number of resistance wars started to distract citizens of the two countries from it: Southern Basarabia (Romania), Polisia (Hungary), Siveria (Hungary), Chhattisgarh (Indonesia), Jiangxi (Indonesia), Hubei (Indonesia), Shanxi (Indonesia), Fujian (Indonesia) and Hubei (Indonesia). China attacks Eastern Siberia in Romania as well.

A resistance begins in Northern Cape, currently occupied by Brazil.

The training war among ATLANTIS countries continues.

Spain attacks Southeast of Mexico of Portugal, triggering an alliance of nine countries.

Timeoin was eBorn.

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