Day 541 / 14 May 2009

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Day 541 of the New World marks a great victory for PEACE Global Community and monumental defeat for ATLANTIS. The resistances in Urals (Romania), Southern Basarabia (Romania), Polisia (Hungary), Siveria (Hungary), Chhattisgarh (Indonesia), Jiangxi (Indonesia), Hubei (Indonesia), Shanxi (Indonesia), Fujian (Indonesia) and Hubei (Indonesia) all fail, but some of them have served their purpose: Indonesia managed to take down the 300,000+ wall of Western Siberia while Hungary took both Donbas and Podolia.

The significance of the battle can be seen from the drama ensuing, as described in two official articles The battles on the 541st day of eRepublik and Investigation Day.

The USA's attempt to take Far Eastern Russia from Russia amidst the chaos fails.

Spain successfully takes Southeast of Mexico from Portugal, moving onto Oaxaca in Mexico.

The president of China, H KraToS, is impeached by a tiny margin: 13-6. Snayke becomes its president.

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