Day 1744 / 29 August 2012

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Game changes

  • Health renamed to Energy
    • Your maximum recoverable Energy will be instantly available. Example: If you have a Q3 Town Center, the former Health Bar will no longer show 100 Health, but 300 Energy.
    • The rule for recovering Energy is slightly changed: instead of being able to recover 100 Energy per hour, you will be able to recover 10 Energy every 6 minutes.
    • Same as before, if you have a Q3 Town Center, you will be able to recover a maximum of 300 Energy at one time . This means that if you start a gaming session at full Energy you can play nearly twice as long as before. Example: Before you had 100 Health + 300 recoverable Health. Now you have 300 Energy + 300 recoverable Energy
  • Town centre renamed to Residence
    • Citizens will be able to upgrade your Residence by clicking the button conveniently placed next to the Energy indicator

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