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World War III

Is this the start of World War III, When Spain and Canada attack France, Hungary and Germany fight, while Romania continues its conquest of Asia, and a resistance in the Volga-Vyatka Region, Norway.

Hungary declares war against Poland

Hungary, a member of PEACE, declares war against Poland, a member of ATLANTIS, and fights to liberate Northern Hungary, formerly under Polish control.

Serbian President impeached

To counter the takeover, the Serbian president, BorKan, was impeached by an unanimous vote of 30-0 today.

Hungary-German War

Styria, the first battlefield of the war, is returned to Austria today.


mappina starts a resistance war to free Upper Austria from Germany.

The resistance war to take Baja back from the United States of America fails.

Poland-Romania War

Poland invades Northern Hungary.

France-Canada War

France successfully defends Pays-de-la-Loire from its invaders.

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