History/2 October 2012

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-Icon-China.png China conquers Balochistan from Icon-Serbia.png Serbia.

-Icon-Croatia.png Croatia continues its attack on Icon-Thailand.png Thailand.

-Icon-Poland.png Poland attacks Newfoundland and Labrador, Icon-Canada.png Canada.

-Icon-Paraguay.png Paraguay is once again wiped by Icon-Brazil.png Brazil.

-Icon-Macedonia.png Macedonia returns Midi-Pyrenees to Icon-France.png France, in fear of American invasion.

-Icon-Sweden.png Sweden and Icon-Belarus.png Belarus are close to wiping Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania.

-Icon-Iran.png Iran captures Eastern Province from Icon-Saudi Arabia.png Saudi Arabia.

-Icon-Taiwan.png Taiwan counter-attacks Icon-Philippines.png Philippines, taking two provinces.

-Icon-Argentina.png Argentina takes Wellington, in hope of liberating Icon-Australia.png Australia from Icon-Chile.png Chile.

-Cundiboyacense, Icon-Colombia.png Colombia falls to Icon-Mexico.png Mexico.

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