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Military news

A resistance war in the Romania-controlled region of Urals starts, as China attacks Eastern Siberia again. Indonesia seizes Andhra Pradesh back from Romania and Hungary attacks Bukovina, controlled by Romania. Indonesia proceeds to attack Maharashtra, now controlled by Romania.

Hungary takes Galicia from Poland and proceeds to attack Volhynia, while the resistance war in Burgenland fails.

Pakistan successfully guards Jammu and Kashmir from China, while Shaanxi remains controlled by Romania against China.

Brazil attacks and takes Eastern Cape from Indonesia, and moves on to attack KwaZulu-Natal. South Africa attacks the region at the same time after declaring war on Indonesia.

USA attacks The Azores, a region of Portugal, and retreats immediately as a feint.

The resistance war in Subcarpathia to return it to Pakistan from Iran fails, while Iran takes Northern India from Pakistan. A resistance war in KwaZulu-Natal begins.

Austria seeks to take back Carinthia from Slovenia

Thailand fails to take Peninsular Malaysia from Malaysia in their war.

Wiki News

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