Day 500 / 3 April 2009

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Day 500 of The New World - Happy birthday Erepublik!

To celebrate the day, the default logo was replaced with:


Food turned into a cake!FoodDay500.gif

Plato joins in the celebrations as well!


Military news

Early this morning, Northern Hungary was taken by Romania from Poland. Subsequently, Hungary invades Northern Hungary, swapped by Romania, repeating what it attempted to do yesterday once more.

In the Eastern world, Sichuan, earlier taken by the Romanians from Iran, was attacked by Indonesia. At the end of the day, Romania had finished taking over Qinghai from Iran.

The resistance war in Upper Austria started by Mapplna succeeds, and the region is returned to Upper Austria. Shortly after, Marginaldefeat, Norwegian, starts a resistance war to liberate the West Siberian Region from Norway and return it to Russia. An attempt to liberate Baja is initiated once more, by istarlan, and MacEron begins an independence war in Hainan, a native region of China, now occupied by Pakistan.

Politics in Sweden

The Swedish president Algaroth (FBS) and the party leader of FRONT Icehacker, had an IRL meeting discussing the future of Sweden. They decided that it was time to put the hostilities to rest and work together after the presidential elections, no matter who is the winner.

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