History/3 May 2009

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Military News

Indonesia secures Andhra Pradesh against a resistance uprising and takes Shaanxi from Romania, proceeding to attack Shanxi which Romania retreats from, while resistance wars begin in Gujarat and Rajasthan, now controlled by Indonesia. Its attack against Romania in Sindh fails, which it later resumes, and it also turns to attack Punjab.

Hungary successfully takes Northern Basarabia from Romania, and continues by attacking Siveria.

China takes Jammu and Kashmir and Iran takes Balochistan from Pakistan; Iran proceeds to attack North-West Frontier Province of Romania.

Eastern Siberia is secured by Romania against a Russian resistance force, and China attacks the region soon after, while new resistance wars begin in Urals and Central Black Earth.

Poland attacks Subcarpathia, which is then ceded to the country by Hungary; its earlier attack against Volhynia fails, which it then resumes.

A resistance war in Central Black Earth in Romania begins.

The resistance war in Galicia succeeds and the region is returned to Ukraine from Hungary.

Political News

Han Solo, president of Pakistan, is impeached one day before the elections.

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