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History- Early Period

Ranginiu was founded in February 2011, a few days after the Presidential elections from the old Kiwi Social Democrats (KSD). Its first PP was former KSD PP Jockaye and it included Cabinet Ministers IvanMilitic. In the February 25th Parliamentary elections the party won 3 of 40 seats. A notably party candidate was former NZ President Don KronoX (DK).

In the March 5th, Presidential election, the party supported Aotearoa candidate loader, who won the election with 174 votes (71%). In the March 15th PP elections former KSD PP DonRizla was elected new party president. This continued the leadership tandem of “Jockaye” and “DonRizla”, as had been the case with the KSD.

The party received a huge boost in the run-up to the March 25th Parliamentary elections, as a huge exodus took place from Aotearoa following Bass Junkies surprise victory. The party saw its membership jump, at a crucial time before the vote. On Election Day it won 6 of 40 seats, a strong showing for the party.

In the April 5th Presidential election, the party supported former member and now Red label Party (RLP) candidate Ivan for Presidency. He was successful and this marked the second consecutive election the party had endorsed the winning candidate. The party placed three members in the subsequent Cabinet.

Golden Era

Days after the elections, DonRizla resigned as PP of the party and was succeeded by KrMa, who was the highest ranked party member. However, the party suffered a huge surprise in the April 15 PP elections, when KrMA was defeated by little known (and suspect PTO) polycom29 in a tight vote of 14 to 10 to 3 (petar vasik) . This raised major issues, as its partner the RLP had also suffered a suspect PTO. However, the party did not suffer any major defections and most of its high-profile members remained.

The party had major success in the April 25 Parliamentary elections, as its managed to elect 8 of 40 seats. This made it the second largest party in the NZ Parliament and was its best showing ever. Key figures elected included former President KronoX, vasik, ava-imperator, Tavby II, KrMa and PP polycom29.

In the May 5th Presidential election, the party supported its former Congressmen and then Peace 'n' Prosperity Party (PnPP) candidate Don KronoX. He was elected with 166 votes and 100%. In his subsequent Cabinet, the party placed 3 members. The party members would be an instrumental force in shaping the security policy of the 2nd KronoX Cabinet and in the Argentina-New Zealand War. In the May 15 PP election, former PP KrMa, was elected. This solidified the party's influence, as KrMa was a close confident of KronoX and a key figure within the "Angry Angels".

The party officially took part in the May 25 Parliamentary elections, where it worked out an agreement with the other major parties, PnPP, RLP and UIS, to run a select number of candidates. On election day, it won 9 of 40 seats, tied with the UIS as the second largest party in the NZ Parliament.

Leading up to the June 5 Presidential election, the party originally intended to nominate Srnica but withdrew the nominee and choose to support the PnPP candidate, Crusadercarl. CC was duly elected over RLP candidate Koska De STRAH, 64%-35%. Thus for the fifth straight election, Ranginui had endorsed the winning Presidential candidate. Following this, on June 15, party founder Jockaye was returned as PP.

In the run-up to the June 25 parliamentary elections, agreed to field a common slates of candidates with the RLP, UIS and PnPP. On election day it won 8 of 40 seats, the smallest share in Parliament. The party remained outside the CC administration and in the lead up to the July 5 Presidential elections, it endorsed the eventual victor, former CP, Kurojca of the RLP. Only ten days later, former PP KrMA was re-elected as PP for a third time (though he resigned half-way through and was succeeded by Srnica).

The July Parliamentary elections proved to be a setback for the party as it fell to 6 of 40 seats, its worst showing since February. The party also made headway when it nominated Srnica as its CP candidate and secured the support of the PnPP. This was the first time the party had fielded a Presidential candidate. Srnica was defeated, capturing over 36% of vote but losing to RLP candidate Splindza.


In August, veteran member Ava-Imperator was elected PP and the party officially supported PnPP CP candidate Mortalbeta in the September 5 election. The party suffered some major losses during this time when Don KronoX retired from the game and former PP KrMa emigrated from NZ. Their membership slowly slide, to a low of 22 by the September 25 parliamentary elections. In those elections, the party came a distant fourth, winning only 4 of 40 seats.

The party continued to witness a membership decline, as many returned to Slovenia such as Srnica, DonRizla and Optimisti. Their membership fell to a low of 15 by November, 2011. This affected their performance in the October parliamentary elections when the party fell to 3 seats and only 17 votes. For a party historically used to 6-7 MPs, this was their worst showing in history.

Ava was re-elected on October 15 but in the run-up to the November Presidential election, the party surprised many be refusing to endorse the PnPP candidate, Oboacer and instead ran veteran member KrMa. This ended the electoral agreement between the two parties and limited the party's ability to mobilize voters. It also ensured that the PnPP was distrustful of the party and it further limited its growth during this time period. Many members hesitated at the call and it showed in the 2011 Congressional elections when the party fell to 2 seats, with most agreeing it had lost support.

2012-Decline and Setbacks

The beginning of 2012 started off on a rough note for the party suffered a drop out of the top-five, the first time in its history and failed to nominate any candidates for the January Congressional elections. The party did support the PnPP candidate Mortalbetta in the CP elections but they did not offer any support in the Congressional races and this helped to show the party had truly broke its bridges.

From January to March the party, led by Jockaye, remained outside the top-five and unable to influence much of NZ politics. The UIS and L&P refused to cooperate with the party while the PnPP, having been burned by its refusal to support Oboacer in November, continued to remain isolated from it. In the March CP elections Jockaye ran but came last winning 3.52% of the vote.

In an effort to finally reverse the isolation, the party decided to support the PnPP CP candidate, Spud of Doom, in April elections and were therefore able to lend support to his election victory. KrMa and Jockaye were included in the subsequent Cabinet but this did little to help the party return into the top-five and it failed to partake in the May Congressional elections. Sensing an opportunity to retain good ties, they did not endorse any candidate for CP in May (mostly due to disagreement over either backing the PnPP or joining L&P to get into Cabinet). In the lead-up to the June Congressional elections, the Pro-PnPP faction won out and secured enough members to enter the top-five and run candidates in the elections. With those members the party managed to elect 1 member, Ave-imperator, who was seen as being neutral in the factional fight.

Vlladaaa & Wilderness

Changes came to the party in late May when Jockaye was challenged for the party leadership by Vlladaaa a little known member but one who had taken an active role in the Angry Angels and the party's activities. Seen as being neutral, he did not support either the PnPP or L&P/UIS. In the PP race he made a surprise challenge and emerged victorious. After his victory, he nominated for CP but last winning just 1.65%. Many veteran members were dissatisfied with these results and either left the party or became inactive.

This period was a low point for the party as Vlladaaa had complete control of the party thanks to the exodus of the veteran Slovenian members. He faced limited opposition and was returned as PP from June until December 2013. This period saw the party remain outside the top-five, secure limited posts in the Cabinet (although some members, only marginally affiliated with the party were included). It did not endorse any major CP candidates during this period and languished in the bottom rungs of the political arena. At this time, outside the traditional big parties (PnPP, L&P, UIS) a new party, the Black Party of New Zealand arose to replace the party, along with Red Squad. Again this was a low period for the party.

However, when the Angry Angels members decided to make their return to NZ, they sought to the Ranginui and end the wilderness period. It feel to veteran members Ave-Imperator and Koca7 to make a concentrated push to retake the party and revive it as a major political force in NZ.

2013 Revival & Rebirth

In the December PP elections, the party after winning two seats, turned to Ave-imperator, who agreed to run and was then elected PP in an easy victory over Vlladaaa. In the January CP elections, the party supported UIS candidate Franktastic for President and was duly appointed to the Cabinet, as a favor for their support. With Ave back in charge, the factional fighting that had undermined the party died down and the party was able to seek to regroup itself and move forward. For both February and March, the party refused to support a CP candidate and instead sought to chart an independent path during this period. In the Congressional elections, the party fell to 1 seat but secured Skyline35 as an elected member.

After January, the party fell outside the top-five, and due to limited membership movement from the other parties, it was unable to grow. This meant that it was kept outside the Congress and it failed to secure its members the valuable citizenship passes that came with elected office. In an effort to raise its profile the party ran Skyline35 for CP in April but he came a distant third winning 13.40% behind the PnPP and UIS. Once again the profile was not raised and it remained outside the top-five and unable to develop strong ties with other parties. It also continued to trail the BPNZ, a new party that was seen as being modeled on Ranginui. Ave, though still PP, felt it that it was time to resign as party leader. In the June PP elections, newzealand89, a figure outside of the Angry Angels, took the election, facing limited opposition.

Angels on Hiatus

With newzealand89 having taking on the leadership, another attempted was made to shake up the political order. In the July CP elections, with the UIS, supported by BPNZ running away with the polls, newzealand89 nominated himself and ran for office. He came a distant second with 10.98% (it should be noted the PnPP, L&P both supported the UIS candidate unofficially). It was at this time period that newzealand89 worked to cement firm control over the party but also to reach out to new members from other parties. It didn't run a candidate in August or September. Mostly due to the wipe of NZ which had taken place and rocked the entire political establishment.

The shakeup caused a major disruption for the party and it was unable to enter into the top-five, once again shutting itself outside the lucrative congressional seats. Pressure built on the party to support Crusadercarl in the September CP race but it refused to do this. Once again isolating itself but it did manage to awaken the angels who viewed this move as not in the long-term interests of the party and its role in NZ.

New Leadership

In November a rupture took place in the party when a band of new citizens joined the party in mass, most with some lose ties to the Angry Angels and their numbers. The November elections resulted in 8 Congressional members winning seats and in the PP race at the end of the month, vasko_009 was elected PP with a commanding victory. He immediately started to change the tone, notably as it appeared another wipe was on the way and NZ would suffer a takeover by Chile. Sensing that unity was needed, the party decided to support Sor3naa in an effort to show unity and help prevent any divisions in NZ from hindering their military campaign. This action won the party support and broadened its appeal to many veteran English Kiwis who had become disillusioned with the PnPP and the short lived Project Kiwi (PK).

In January the party nominated Darriel as its CP candidate against Sor3naa who sought re-election, this time under the PnPP banner. The party was supported by PK (a group dissatisfied with the PnPP) and managed to come second with 20%. The party gained immense exposure from this and also witnessed a surge in membership as those affiliated with the same militia Darriel and Lucky11. Veteran Kiwi Crusadercarl also joined, after breaking with the PnPP (which he had returned to). This period was a marked turnaround for the party and helped it become a major force

2014-Peak and Dissolution

After challenging the current leadership in January, the party made good on an aggressive campaign to build its profile and broaden its appeal. In January a PP election took place and Lucky11 was elected PP. In the CP election that followed, the party nominated No face No name No number as its candidate against the UIS Krupanjac1389 and lost with 26.93%. In the later February Congressional election the party captured 4 seats and was back on the agenda as the major party working to promote its agenda.

Luck11 was returned as PP during this period and again sought to position the party as a major force. In March it renominated No face No name No number as its candidate. He came second with 18.74%, losing to the UIS candidate and former CP Kuroja. In the Congressional elections the party lost some ground and fell to 3 seats. However, disputes in the leadership began to boil and many within the party felt the UIS and its ties to the Dictatorship meant that it lacked any ability to influence the nation. In late March Lucky11 was defeated by Darriel in a tight contest, that bitterly split the party and caused major infighting.

April was a poor month for the party, as Darriel refused to nominate a CP candidate, which caused huge dissent in the party. The Angels totally decamped while the internal infighting caused disruptions. In the Congressional elections Darriel was the only successful candidate and his tight control over the party meant his rivals eventually left the party feeling limited growth or opportunity in NZ. In the May elections Gudov, an ally of Darriel, secured a seat in Congress but the party membership continued to fall. This was the end result for the party as it dropped out of the top-five and lost its ability to influence government during this time period.


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