History of South Africa (2008)

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The Republic of South Africa
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War With Indonesia

On June 11th, 2008, Indonesia plunged into war with South Africa and her allies Venezuela, Argentina and the USA in the Second South African War. In the course of hostilities SA managed to escape unscathed from the fighting until July 24th, when KwaZulu-Natal and Northern Cape fell. Western Cape held out until the 25th, and Free State lasted until the 26th. South Africa and Indonesia both discussed and decided that a peace was needed the very same day. South Africa lost all their ground about a year later to Indonesia and Brazil.


In august of 2008, during the beta of eRepublik, eSouth Africa had received a new president, Hull. Hull was an incredible failure as a president, as for his whole term he had been afk. It was a month that seemed to be driven by public interest and the legislative branch. Croatians at this time did not have a country of their own, and mysteriously the immigrant population began to creep slowly and a new party emerged. It seemed like it was just a new minor party that would never get off the ground. The party was called Proud Africa.


In the September elections Proud Africa's membership skyrocketed. They took over most political positions in the country, including the presidency. South Africans were first shell shocked at what happened, but soon after their president was elected, President Zocky, an article was released detailing what their plans were. Zocky did many shady deals and unjust plots that resulted in the entire national population despising him, and putting him down in eRepublik history as one of the worst leaders of all time.

The Croatians had chosen eSA as their new home in the new world. South Africans were enraged, not over the fact that they had come into the nation itself, but rather, that they had completely taken over the political system within a matter of weeks.

Within no time a political revolution was planned. Citizen Esteban Delgado of the Black Lion Front party called for unification of the parties votes, and declared Mmabatho, Polokwane, Pretoria, and Bloemfontein an independent nation from the Croation controlled system. They called themselves the Independent South African Republic, and the leaders could be found in the South African Independence League. It put together its own cabinet, army, and even conducted foreign relations with other nations for the duration of its three month life.

Similar to the American Revolution, a declaration of independence was created, detailing many reasons as to why secession was necessary.

Kintor was selected as the presidential candidate for the I.S.A.R. by S.A.I.L., but unfortunately did not win the general elections. The Croatians were notorious for using many many multi's, and in the presidential elections it was concluded by the admins that over 50 accounts were banned for multi-accounting. All were involved in the takeover.

September is considered one of the most hectic months in eSA history due to the political turmoil and anarchy that occurred.

October, November

October was the first full month under total political occupation by the Croatian Movement. The Proud Africa party, now renamed to the Croatian - African UNION, had a strong majority in congress and tight control of the presidency. There were those who did not give up hope however.

Those at the South African Independence League had plotted their revenge for several weeks and attempted to retake the country during the elections, however failed to do so due to individual parties such as Free Africa not following voting strategy and putting up their own candidates.

This would not be the only time the Free Africa party would put political power in front of political sovereignty and national defense.

October was filled with hateful comments from the Croatians, who called the native South Africans inferior, Zulus, and monkeys. As citizen Ryan Dagari put it, eSouth Africa had entered the second apartied (A period of time in Real Life south african history where a racist white government oppressed non-whites).

As November dawned, SAIL once again attempted to take down Sucko, the Croatian African Union's new dictator candidate, yet failed to do so, and the croatians still held a strong majority in congress. SAIL had however managed to gain a stronger authority this month in congress yet had little say in actual resolutions.

It was by mid-late November that Zockyism dawned as an official eReligion, dubbing the CAU's first dictator as a god. Those who did not believe in this religion or worship Zocky would be "deported", however the threats were obviously fake as you cannot deport citizens. eSouth African's were outraged at the propaganda and scare tactics they used to gain new followers.

As November ended, a light at the end of the tunnel grew dimmer and dimmer.

Croatian Occupation

Leading up to the September presidential elections a group of self-labeled Croatians, later labeled by the South Africans as Zockyists, arrived in South Africa and established Proud Africa (now known as the Croatian African Union), a Croatian nationalist party. South African citizens approached this party wearily, mainly due to concerns about past foreign invasion. The negative attention lead zocky, leader of the CAU, to release a statement about their intentions.[1] The article was not enough to gain acceptance from the African people and during the September first elections many accused CAU and their leader of multi-accounting.[2] The party president of the Black Lion Front, Esteban Delgado, published a searing attack on the Croatian rule a few days after their election win.[3] In this article Esteban discussed several South African states seceding from South Africa, which were established as the Independent South African Republic (ISAR). The new break-away state has been recognized internationally by individuals and several states, including Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. Governing ISAR are the South African people represented in South Africa and internationally as the South African Independence League (SAIL).

The Croatian government has been embroiled in a series scandals concerning the nation's treasury; the first involving a missing 80 gold and 2000 ZAR, which was reported by Esteban Delgado in an article in which he explains false accusations against him by the CAU for thieving 6000 ZAR from the treasury before the election of zocky.[4] 5500 ZAR and 160 gold also went missing from the treasury. According to zocky this money was withdrawn to purchase a hospital, without the consent or knowledge of the South Africans.[5] The hospital eventually came after much outburst from the South African public over the missing money. It took approximately 19 days to buy the hospital.[6] Another scandal appeared during the October elections campaign when zocky withdrew all of the rand and gold from the nation's treasury, which was only returned after the CAU had won the election. Zocky and the CAU have been constantly criticized by South African citizens regarding the worsening economy. The Croatian African Union denies these claims. [7][8]

As soon as the admins announced the creation of Croatia, the government slowly dissolved in the final stages that lead up to the December election, and after three oppressed elections, Compmage, was elected as the first non-Croatian president.

South African Independence Movement

Established before the September elections in order to defend the nation's sovereign and inactive government from outside invasion, the South African Independence League was formed by the Black Lion Front (BLF), Free Africa (FA), and the African National Congress (ANC) as a party coalition.

Following the Croatian takeover of the government, independence was called upon by Esteban Delgado of the BLF with the publishing of a document called the Proclamation Of South African Sovereignty. Thus, the Independent South African Republic was founded as a break-away of four of the five regions in South African, controlled by BLF party members (two of which joined following the first two region's secession). Mmabatho, Polokwane, Pretoria, and Bloemfontein were governed by SAIL, or South African natives living in these states.

The movement as of December 7th has been put in temporary inactivity, until South Africa is once again under foreign occupation.

Theocratic Italian Soldiers, December

A little over 10 days before the 3rd congressional elections were held in eRepublik a new party emerged, the Socialist Union of South Africa (more commonly known as SUSA), a party full of high ranking Italian soldiers and supposed Italian "Theocracy" members.[9] Word was being spread that the party was there to gain a majority in congress and take all of the countries gold, but it wasn't until the day before the elections that word was released in the media. [10] Despite this accusation, SUSA still managed to win a majority of the congress seats, with 21 congressman (52% spread) being elected. [11] The moment SUSA was elected into power an article was published demanding all of the countries gold, which South Africa had moved to their bank the day before the elections took place [12][13] South African politicians told the Italian soldiers that their countries economy was already ruined and that they are used to take overs and will not give up the gold. This angered SUSA who then started introducing a flurry of bills aimed at destroying the economy and even demanding the impeachment of the current president, compmage.[14][15][16][17][18][19][20]

When word of the take over spread, the Italian government stated that they did not support the SUSA, the party then changed it's name to the Theocratic Party, trying further to distance themselves from the country they came from.[21] Swann, an Italian politician experienced in this area, also wrote an informing article detailing the background behind the take over as well as the whys, and what's.[22] Some have seven suggested that the entire party will leave soon should they not receive the gold, as they want it to become stronger soldiers for Italy's fighting force.[23]

With their chances of stealing gold decreasing, several Theocratic Party members left the congress, and some left South Africa itself.[24] The Theocratic Party ceased to be threat and as their party members dwindled, effectively destroying their cunning political strategy.