History of the United States Workers Party

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The United States Workers Party is one of the oldest surviving parties in eRepublik and has a long, storied history, dating back to December 2007.

Because it is long, it has been divided up into smaller articles:

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The Seventh Generation: Newer Faces




This month, Jude Connors became party president.

March: RL Interferes

USWP leaders set up from May 15, 2013 were:

Jude ended up missing the second half of March

April: The End of the Old

Due to most Executive Board members leaving for RL reasons, Stormin, Inwegen, and Fionia are left mainly running the party; Many believe that places should have been spread across younger members to try and save the party.

Inwegen is chosen by the small group to run for PP, but faces stiff competition from Walter Joseph Kovacks. Inwegen loses, and, along with Max McFarland 2, proposes to the Executive Board and Emeritus members that the USWP be merged with the AAP and DemReps to form a new party, later called the American Progressive Front. Tdwester was the most outspoken against this, but the Board and Emeritus members there that day (April 16) overwhelmingly voted for the merger. The gold of the old in-game party was used to draw members to the new party, and when that was drained, the in-game party was handed over to SEES. The USWP was now dead.


USWP leaders set up from May 15, 2013 were:

On May 25, 2013, the USWP party got 408 votes, which was 17.41% of the total and got 9 candidates to be elected Congress members: Ludonarr, portcolumbus, Civil Anarchy, karadon90, badbrad767, n4n0, Delyruin, Insomni4 and zako soldier.