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Nationality Flag-Slovakia.jpg Slovakian
Date of birth Dec 27, 2009
Residence Bratislava
Sex male
Political party Vesela Strana
Military unit The Memes
Rank Icon rank Field Marshal**.png Field Marshal**

Real life

In real life Hochelus is 21 year old, living in Warsaw ande he is student of Management and Command in National Defence Uniwersity.

Hochelus and eRepublik

Icon - Congress.jpg Congress Member
Icon-Slovakia.png Slovakia and Czechoslovakia x9
Icon position party member.gif Party member
Icon-Slovakia.png Vesela Strana (now)
Icon-Poland.png Partia Imperialna (sometime)
Icon position politics partypresident.gif Party President
  • Party President of Vesela Strana: December 2010, February 2011
  • Vice Party President of Vesela Strana: November 2011, December 2011
Icon - national goals set.jpg Government


  • Vice-President of CSFR
  • vMoE of CSFR
  • vMoFA of CSFR
  • MoFA of CSFR
Icon position media pressdirector.gif Press director
Icon-Slovakia.png Hochelkove Novinky
Icon Field Marshal.jpg Military Unit
Icon-Slovakia.png The Memes

Hochelus history: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-danyr-history-our-hero-hochelus-eng-pol--1932442/1/20


Hochelus was running in CP elections. He haven't won.... Yet ;)

Date Country Party/Supported by... Place Number of votes
5 august 2010 Poland Partia Imperialna / Polska Partia Libertarianska 3 225
5 november 2010 Slovakia Vesela Strana 3 28
5 january 2011 Slovakia Vesela Strana 2 41
5 february 2011 Slovakia Vesela Strana 2 46
5 march 2011 Slovakia Vesela Strana 2 70
5 august 2011 Slovakia Vesela Strana 2 94 (opponent has 99!)