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Nationality Flag-Slovakia.jpg Slovakian
Date of birth December 27, 2009
Date of death Unknown
Residence Bratislava
Sex male
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force**.png World Class Force**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Real life

In real life Hochelus is living in Warsaw and he is student of Management and Command in National Defence University.

Hochelus and eRepublik

Icon - Congress.jpg Congress Member
Icon-Slovakia.png Slovakia and Czechoslovakia x21
Icon position party member.gif Party member
Icon-Slovakia.png Vesela Strana (last party membership)
Icon-Poland.png Partia Imperialna (sometime)
Icon position party president.gif Party President
  • Party President of Vesela Strana: December 2010, February 2011
  • Vice Party President of Vesela Strana: November 2011, December 2011
Icon - national goals set.jpg Government


  • Vice-President of CSFR
  • vMoE of CSFR
  • vMoFA of CSFR
  • MoFA of CSFR
Icon position press director.gif Press director
Icon-Slovakia.png Hochelkove Novinky
Icon Field Marshal.jpg Military Unit
Icon-Slovakia.png The Memes
Slavic Union.png Slavic Union Armed Forces


Hochelus was running in Presidential elections on several occasions. He did not won any of them.

Date Country Party/Supported by... Place Number of votes
5 August 2010 Poland Partia Imperialna / Polska Partia Libertarianska 3 225
5 November 2010 Slovakia Vesela Strana 3 28
5 January 2011 Slovakia Vesela Strana 2 41
5 February 2011 Slovakia Vesela Strana 2 46
5 March 2011 Slovakia Vesela Strana 2 70
5 August 2011 Slovakia Vesela Strana 2 94 (opponent had 99!)


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