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Homonavian Union
Flag of   Coat of Arms of

Motto Hail Homonavia
Capital Svealand
Language Swedish/Danish/English

Map of

Last update 2011-03-01

Homonavia was the name of the union between Sweden and Denmark that was formed in November 2010 and lasted until August 2011. The name first appeared in this article posted by the Swedish president, Valnad, in his newspaper.

HrBjorn´s comments HrBjorn is a Danish politician and follower of the Danishism religion and has made a number of comments about the Union, this is one of them!:

"HrBjorn and his awesome danes will stand right next to the homoswedes and together we will form a Homonavian alliance. Med HrBjorns hjælp, folkets kærlighed og Homonavias styrke!"

The name was a clear reference to Grev Per and his expression "Homo-swedes", which he used as a provocation in order to stir up some heat between the two nations during his time in office when Sweden and Denmark fought a very amusing though equally short war.


These are articles by the current "Hige Comander of Homonavia" Valnad, (2011-01-20), here he mentions Homonavia as its own Nation/Union.





The "Homonavian Union" witch mostly is made up from eSweden has to make sure that all nationalities are able to come trough to the Union-politics. As well as having a Leader for the Union. Early of the Unions creation a new party emerged, The "Norsefire" party. This new party was formed by the Homonavian Danes. The Norsefire party has made it clear trough Media that they are positive towards the Union.

The only existing parties in the Union is the old Swedish ones as well as the new Norsefire party.

Logo Party Abb President Orientation Ideology Members Congress seats
Party-Partiet.jpg Partiet Mr_W Center-Right Libertarian 127 15/40 seats (36.59%)
Party-Folkhemsdemokraterna.png Folkhemsdemokraterna FHD Johannes Svaerd Center-Left Libertarian 88 12/40 seats (29.27%)
Party-Flashback Sweden.jpg Flashback Sweden FBS Lonestar Center-Right Libertarian 190 8/40 seats (19.51%)
Party-Arbetarepartiet MSAP.png Arbetarepartiet MSAP MSAP Raticon Far-Left Libertarian 45 0/40 seats (00.00%)
Party-Gamlingarna.jpg Gamlingarna Larm Center Libertarian 47 1/40 seats (2.44%)
Party-Norsefire.jpg Norsefire HrBjorn Far-Right Totalitarian 55 5/40 seats (12.2%)

The High-Commander

The title "High-Commander" is the greatest title in the entire Union, its the title that is bestowed upon those who will lead the Union into greatness. The very first, and current [2011-03-01] High-Commander Valnad, is the one who forged the union with Denmark in the first place, and he has ruled over the Union ever since, it has now gone 4 month.

The High-Commander is the one who forges the Unions government and who makes the biggest decisions. Without a great High-Commander, the Union will fall apart. It takes skill and activity to lead the Union.

Thanks to the first High-Commander, Valnad, the Union has grown quicly during a short time and grown stronger as well. After a campaign against Lithuania He manages to take complete control over the region of Samogitia.

As Valnad´s power as High-Commander grew, many statues has been raised in honour of im in the major cities of the Union. Most of them are guarded my Soldiers or Student-Volunteers.


Homonavia is a large Union filled with many different kinds of Main-Resources. These resources make the Union able to use its own products for its Factories instead of Importing from other nations, making the Union more Reliable on its own.

List Of Resources

1.) Fish = Nordjylland, Sjaelland, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg

2.) Cattle = Hovedstaden, Midtjylland, Smaland, Gotland

3.) Aluminium = Syddanmark, Bohus, Scania

4.) Iron = Norrland and Sameland, Gotaland

5.) Grain = Samogitia

6.) Fruits = Saxony-Anhalt

7.) Deer = Svealand

8.) Oil = Trondelag


On the 9th of Agust, 2011 Flitwick posted an article claiming that eDenmark has "decided to dissolve the union and try to rebuild our own country, eDenmark." The article can be found here: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/danish-declaration-of-independence-august-9-2011-1839275/1/20

This article was met with scepticism since eDenmark hadn't had any elections for a couple of months. A couple of hours later after the declaration of independence was posted, another article was posted. This article contains six paragraphs on which eSweden and eDenmark will obey to follow. The article can be found here:


However, the Swedish Congress has not yet decided what to do concerning this treaty so at the moment, this is just a agreement between HrBjorn and w3st3rb3rg.