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Houses of Parliament

The Palace of Westminster, also known as the Houses of Parliament or Westminster Palace, is the meeting place of the two houses of the Parliament of the United Kingdom—the House of Lords and the House of Commons. It lies on the north bank of the River Thames in the heart of the London borough of the City of Westminster, close to the historic Westminster Abbey and the government buildings of Whitehall and Downing Street. The palace has status as a royal residence for ceremonial purposes.

The Palace of Westminster and Westminster Bridge viewed from across the River Thames

The Palace of Westminster

Commons Chamber, Palace of Westminster, Westminster, London

The House of Commons

Lords Chamber, Palace of Westminster, Westminster, London

The House of Lords

The Palace is one of the centres of political life in the United Kingdom; "Westminster" has become a metonym for the UK Parliament, and the Westminster system of government has taken its name after it. The Clock Tower's fame has surpassed that of the Palace itself. The structure known as "Big Ben", the heaviest of the five bells it houses, is an iconic landmark of London and the United Kingdom in general, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city and an emblem of parliamentary democracy.

The House of Lords closed its doors, although most of the prior Lords remain with their titles, they do not perform any of their previous duties.

The House of Commons is the United Kingdom's name for eRepublik's Congress, reflecting the politics of the actual United Kingdom. The United Kingdom's Congress members are referred to as Members of Parliament (MP), but have no in-game differences to other nations,

Parliamentary elections are held in the United Kingdom on the twenty fifth day of each month, as in all of eRepublik.

Layout of the House of Commons

*The Headless Chicken indicates empty seats. This could be due to either a region being conquered before the Congressional Election or a member resigning once elected.

Members of The House of Commons

Following is a list of congress when last updated. Candidates struck out have resigned their seats this term.

Congress Member Party Mandate
Norris Bush New Era 1
JaredBeare New Era 1
hollenboer New Era 23
Commander Dapper New Era 2
Sven Goran Duran-Duran New Era 10
NT Games New Era 8
Percivel Woodhedge New Era 2
Physo Starmik The UK Progression Party 5
Neil Lewis The UK Progression Party 6
Bad Carrot The UK Progression Party 1
Carlini8 The UK Progression Party 1
Sambo911 The UK Progression Party 2
Rob the Bruce The UK Progresion Party 4
Ziltoid16 United Kingdom Reform Party 1
Jolyon Wagg United Kingdom Reform Party 1
Elvis Trout United Kingdom Reform Party 1
Kapten Johnson United Kingdom Reform Party 4
Sir Humphrey Appleby United Kingdom Reform Party 22
Thomas765 United Kingdom Reform Party 18
Congress Member Party Mandate
James Scarlet United Kingdom Reform Party 6
Spygon People's Communist Party 1
Luke Braferd People's Communist Party 4
Henry Hank Moody People's Communist Party 1
KinkyPsychopath People's Communist Party 2
Jan Svalbard People's Communist Party 7
Checkzz People's Communist Party 3
OBalagee The Unity Party 1
sepherem00 The Unity Party 5
hotfuz The Unity Party 4
JoeLawes The Unity Party 2
iAdrastos The Unity Party 1
The Equalist The Unity Party 7
F.N.B The Unity Party 1
mwcerberus The Unity Party 10
Lonqu The Unity Party 17
dmgd The Unity Party 8
Lord Farhan The Unity Party 8
GregoryG The Unity Party 5
Sir Marvin The Unity Party 6
alittlec4 The Unity Party 10

Congress Results








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