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House of Commons

The House of Commons

The House of Commons is the United Kingdom's name for eRepublik's Congress, reflecting the politics of the actual United Kingdom. The United Kingdom's Congress members are referred to as Members of Parliament (MP), but have no in-game differences to other nations,

Previously there was also a House of Lords, which served the purpose of advising the Commons.

Parliamentary elections are held in the United Kingdom on the twenty fifth day of each month, as it is in all of eRepublik.

Members of The House of Commons

Below are the elected Members of Parliament for May 2014. Names are assigned to which party they were elected under, with those in bold having resigned their seats this term.

Congress Member Party
Jayxm The Unity Party
The Grumpy The Unity Party
Ragnell The Unity Party
hotfuz The Unity Party
Hugo Lilly The Unity Party
Bohemond4 The Unity Party
Lonqu The Unity Party
Kravenn The Unity Party
Calum D Wilson The Unity Party
gManalishi The Unity Party
BrunoCND The Unity Party
hollenboer Vendetta
Raspistolj Futrolic Vendetta
Chris1983 Vendetta
You may call me V Vendetta
BigAnt Vendetta
Babalj Vendetta
Mrkalj Branko Vendetta
fm2008 Vendetta
MilosPavlovic Vendetta
Congress Member Party
Smart Solution Vendetta
Crnogorac89 Vendetta
Thedark ace UK Reform Party
Sir Humphrey Appleby UK Reform Party
Madacaion UK Reform Party
Lionbeard UK Reform Party
Thomas765 UK Reform Party
ArgoFookYourself UK Reform Party
Nathan Slater UK Reform Party
Lazarus Eternal W orkers' Rights Party
miniman_7 W orkers' Rights Party
Lord Halifax W orkers' Rights Party
Norris Bush W orkers' Rights Party
N W G W orkers' Rights Party
Huey George W orkers' Rights Party
Rafay Ahmed W orkers' Rights Party
Commandante Ross People's Communist Party
ApronChef People's Communist Party
Leo Balzac People's Communist Party
Rfeist People's Communist Party

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