Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka/Manifest

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Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka(HDS) is the political organization of the Croatian citizens. By it's political orientation, the party is center-left.

The scope of HDS activity is only eRepublik (, internet virtual world browser game.


HDS supports the legal and moral law enforcement of the ten eRepublik laws (;


HDS is committed to improving democracy, dialogue and tolerance in eRH. Although we are aware that the game offers very little room for cheating, we are against any kind of use of exploit in order to own or use the group. Fair-play is in the foundations of our moral principles;


HDS is committed to developing the economy of eRH through stimulative tax rates, state incentives for the branches of the economy of special national interest, with emphasis on the exploitation of local resources, their own labor, and manufactured exports of surplus;


eRH needs of the market for raw materials, products, certain products, and labor for the HDS is an absolute priority;


HDS supports the free, self-market, however, is ready on the state influence in cases of crisis, war, or similar, and in order to achieve stability and prosperity of the economy;


HDS is crucial in maintaining a stable exchange rate of HRK as the basis of successful economic growth;


HDS is committed in increasing the activity of 'birth' in eRH, that is attracting new players to the game, but also maintaining the old within the borders of eRH;


HDS understands the complexity of the game, and is determined in implementing the education of players/citizens;


HDS is committed to creating a pleasant atmosphere to live, work and personal progress in eRH;


For HDS all eRH citizens are equally valuable, regardless of the (RL or in-game) sex, religion, nationality and ethnicity, education or political world;


HDS agrees to defend the rights, freedoms and dignity of every individual - citizen of eRH. We denounce any kind of oppression, aggression, and usury, and will fight against them;


HDS condemns racism, nationalism, sexism and every other kind of extreme chauvinism and the fight will be against people who in spread hatre and advocate Anarchy and/or violence in eRepublik;


HDS is required to protect the freedom of speech, as long as this freedom does not spur the liberties of others;


HDS is committed to defending eRH, it's citizens, territory and interests;


HDS is committed to building diplomatic and economic ties with other countries eRepublik the world, all because of security and prosperity of eRH;


HDS is a pacifist party, but in the event of armed aggression on eRH, will not shrink even from the armed struggle for freedom and independence. However, in all situations, priority is always given to dialogue and diplomatic solutions of conflicts.


HDS understands that each eRH contribution, however large or small, in this game is voluntary in the sense of separating RL time (and resources) and, therefore, above all, values the dedication and hard work;


HDS is committed to ban use of names of parties (and / or their application) based on real life, all in order to avoid conflict of RL in the game;


HDS is always ready for any kind of cooperation with goal of prosperity of all its citizens, all within the framework of democratic practices and customs;


HDS is committed to use the Croatian language as the official language in eRH.