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1. Civil rights and party goals

  • HDS sees Croatia as a parliamentary state, which rests on the democratic principles of free elections in which all citizens are equal before the law of eRepublik and Croatia with their rights and duties;
  • HDS sharply condemns any use of exploit and cheating in eRepublik world;
  • In line with its belief in the equality of all

Players HDS does not accept any difference in regard to (RL or in-game) sex, religion, nationality and ethnicity, education or political world. HDS believes that all players are equal regardless of their success or status within the Croatia or eRepublik. We denounce any kind of oppression, aggression, and usury, and we will fight against them;

  • HDS will seek to develop Croatia through the game available actions, but also through other, outside the system of the game, created mechanisms such as ministries, action groups, courses and instruction in which they work included members of the party;
  • HDS is required to protect the freedom of speech, until the this freedom does not spur the freedoms of others;
  • The ultimate goal of HDS is developed, advanced and in

world recognized Croatia in which all citizens have the opportunity to meet their ambitions and aspirations.

2. Economic measures

  • HDS will seek to streamline eHrvatska through sustainable economic development taking into account the social factor. Development of local production where possible HDS intends to provide a sufficient number of jobs for all citizens who want to work;
  • Using own resources and own production will be encouraged with low taxes for the local production and high import taxes for the branches of industry which Croatia can achieve and satisfy it's own needs;
  • Encouraging export to improve foreign trade ratio is the absolute economic priority;
  • HDS supports the free market and price formation by the system of supply and demand. However, in emergency cases, the HDS supports setting up a minimum and maximum price of products and raw materials in the form of recommendations or the law (depending on the future development of mechanisms for the game) as not to spoil the growth and development of the economy in Croatia.
  • HDS will pay particular attention on the development of economic branches of the special state benefits such as building hospitals, defense system, and the food industry;
  • HDS is crucial in maintaining a stable exchange rate HRK as the basis of successful economic growth.

3. Social measures

  • HDS is committed to a strong social state that will help all citizens in progress through the game. Through the current and newly designed mechanisms HDS intends to take into account that no citizen of Croatia is not abused, oppressed or forced, and that all citizens have free choice in all aspects of the game;
  • HDS believes that it is very important, especially to newly registered citizens, to help in understanding the mechanism of the game, their rights and obligations. HDS will provide assistance to all players in their path to success;
  • HDS will closely monitor the situation on the market in accordance with this issue instructions or guidelines for companies in Croatia regarding payment work and responsible attitude to the state and its citizens;
  • As one of the basic principles of their work HDS takes thesis on the equality of all citizens, bearing in mind the party will seek to eliminating the large differences between the richest and poorest citizens of eRH through the social institutions of the state and their applications, but also with an example members of their own - using the funds to help new citizens and necessary Croatia.

4. Domestic politics

  • HDS is strongly committed to attracting new citizens in Croatia through recruitment and advertising RL eRepublik or propaganda targeted at the existing players in other countries;
  • HDS will take into account the preservation of sovereignty and Croatian prosperity in the event of war or attempting to pick through Croatian institutions. In such cases, the HDS is made solely for the Croatian service and call on all citizens and parties to do the same and forget all mutual disputes and / or disagreement;
  • As the party, with the introduction of new technologies and solutions HDS will actively work to increase the measures and actions in the framework eRepublik which will refer to this area;
  • HDS understands the limitations imposed by game mechanisms and understands the importance of community activity toys around the forums, chat rooms and the like. HDS will promote such activities and through it's membership to strengthen aspects of state institutions that are not supported by the game, but realized only by work, ideas and any contribution of the players;
  • HDS is committed to use the Croatian language as official languages in all communication within Croatia. We are aware that the English language is the international language, but we are determined to promote use of the Croatian language within the state because of preservation of national recognition, compactness population, but also a certain protection against malicious foreign influence;
  • HDS is strongly committed to the withdrawal of clear boundaries between the RL and in-game worlds. In order to stress differences, against the using RL names and symbols of political organization or group, and all with the aim to prevent transmission of RL tension and conflict into eWorld;

5. Foreign policy

  • The basis of the foreign policy of the HDS is reflected in cooperation with other countries of eWorld through good economic and political relations;
  • HDS is ready to use all their resources in order to increase the reputation of Croatia within eRepublik by it's diplomatic team in all countries and organisations;
  • Fulfilling the international obligations of Croatia is the absolute priority for HDS at the international level;
  • HDS is committed to peaceful resolution of all international conflicts;
  • HDS understands the position of Croatia in eWorld and stands for active participation in the activity of the global military-political alliances that will ensure peace, security, prosperity for citizens of Croatia;
  • HDS aims to create a direct economic cooperation with all interested countries through the exchange of experiences, resources and products.