Hrvatska Zajednica Herceg-Bosna

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Hrvatska Zajednica Herceg-Bosna

Party-Hrvatska Zajednica Herceg-Bosna.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Bosnia and Herzegovina.jpg Bosnia and Herzegovina
Abbreviation HZHB
Founded July 26, 2014
Dissolved 2014 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Authoritarian

Hrvatska Zajednica Herceg-Bosna (eng. Croatian Community of Herzeg-Bosnia) was a political party in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was founded on July 26th 2014. In 2014 it was renamed to eBiH Hercegovina. In 2019, party with same logo and similar name was discovered - HZ. HB.


After Croats got some influence for months through Liberalna Stranka eBiH, Bosniaks decided to remove it from top5 parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina in congressional elections in July 2014. As a response to the removal of Croatian representatives from Congress of BiH, Croats decided to make the party their own. Liberalna Stranka eBiH used to be named Hrvatski Nacionalni Pokret BiH, and Icon-gold.gif 40 GOLD necessary for starting a party was paid by Croat Hrvat.i.pol. The party was soon taken over by Bosniaks which named it Liberalna Stranka eBiH.

On July 26th 2014 in a ceremony on channel #Herceg-Bosna on Rizon server, Hrvatska Zajednica Herceg-Bosna was made. The next day a big Baby boom was organized and Croats in BiH gained great numbers.

Party presidents

The only known party president is:

  1. HB Warrior: July 26 2014 - August 16 2014

Paramilitary Group