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Ignas Grinevicius

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Nationality Flag-Lithuania.jpg Lithuanian
Date of birth Day 607
Date of death Day 1600 (est)
Residence Lithuanian Highland
Sex Male
President of Lithuania
05 March, 2010 – 05 May, 2010
Preceded by Akello
Succeeded by Petras Pirmasis
Party president of Lietuvos liberaldemokratai
15 April, 2010 – July 2010 (est)
Preceded by Addiction
Succeeded by N/A
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Ignas Grinevicius (Ignas Grinevičius in Lithuanian letters; abbr. I.G.) was a citizen of Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania.

Early political career

Ignas Grinevičius entered the political life of Lithuania in August when he was elected to the Congress of Lithuania as a wildcard with six votes. In August elections, he was representing a party those days called "charazay.com", which he later took over and after a couple of terms renamed to "Geroves Sajunga" ("Gerovės sąjunga" in Lithuanian letters).

First bigger success

In October 2009, Ignas was noticed by the country president manteliuks, who invited him to become a part of the government. Ignas was an assistant of the minister of newborns, as well as an assistant of the minister of culture, but he was quickly "promoted" to the minister of information.

Becoming a president

Manteliuks was also elected for his second term in November, but in the midway of his term, he resigned from the position, after one of the neverending collisions with ex-president of Lithuania - cawx.

After manteliuks's resignation, Ignas (then a minister of information) took over his chair, because he finished second in the October's presidential elections. Unfortunately, right after becoming a president Ignas also became a victim of the flu epidemic and went better only at the very end of his term. He still was one of the presidents of the New World to sign the Phoenix Alliance Charter.

December elections

As soon as I.G. got better, he ran for the presidency again, but he got crushed by Dionizas (Ignas lost the elections by 514 votes).

Political career - December

In Dionizas's government, Ignas was a minister of expansion and tried to find ways to expand Lithuania's population.

Political career - January

Even though Dionizas did not run for the presidency, Ignas lost the elections again. This time to Akello by 233 votes. In Akello's government, I.G. was a Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Political career - February

After a lot of defeats in the presidential elections, Ignas was not very sure about running again, but he was chosen as a candidate in his party - Gerovės sąjunga and accepted to run again. The elections were very tight, but Ignas came up short again, Akello won the elections by 6 votes. I.G. remained MoFA during Akello's second term.

Becoming president again - March

In March, that was finally Ignas's time. Akello did not run for the third time, Ignas beat his main opponent Vytautas Krasauskas by 188 votes and became the president of Lithuania for the second time. Immediately after getting elected Ignas left his party Gerovės sąjunga, because, as he said, he wanted to be a neutral president. Throughout his term, Ignas started a new national bank reports tradition, as well as a congress trading project and the society builder competition.

Ignas's third overall term - April

In April's campaign, I.G.'s main goal was to reform the political system of Lithuania and he got a chance to do so - he was elected for the second time in a row and beat his old friend in eRepublik - XerTaLT by 273 votes. For the first time in the history of his presidential campaigns, he was not supported by Gerovės sąjunga and run as a Sąjūdis candidate.

Ignas also became the party president of Lietuvos liberaldemokratai and Minister of Community Affairs in Lithuania.

Political career summary

  • 2x country president
  • Member of 7 governments (when not a president), where he worked as:
    • Assistant of the minister of culture
    • Assistant of the minister of newborns
    • Minister of information
    • Minister of expansion
    • Minister of foreign affairs
    • Minister of community affairs
  • 12x Congress member
  • 5x party president of Gerovės sąjunga
  • 3x party president of Lietuvos liberaldemokratai
  • 2x party leader of Lietuvos liberalų partija

Journalism career

Ignas Grinevičius owned a "Lietuvos atgarsiai" newspaper, which had over 600 subscribers and was ranked ninth in Lithuania back in 2010. This newspaper mostly touched social and political themes.