Incerum holding

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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Incerum holding
Logo of Incerum holding
Owner Mr Dalibor
Country Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Founder Mr Dalibor
Industries Raw Materials, Manufacturing
Products grain, tickets
Services Newspapers

Incerum holding was an organization owned by Mr Dalibor.

The beginning

Incerum holding was owned by Mr Dalibor, and later by Ahileus. The company started with two companies:

Company Name Type Location Quality
Incerum grain Raw materials, Grain Slavonia, Croatia Quality1.jpg
Incerum tickets
(known also as Air Slavonia)
Products, Moving ticket Podolia, Ukraine Quality1.jpg

Later it expanded to three more:

Company Name Type Location Quality
Incerum Steel Raw materials, Iron Asturias, Spain Quality1.jpg
Incerum Titan Raw materials, Titanium Nunavut, Canada Quality1.jpg
HLD Trening tvrtka Products, Tank South Dalmatia, Croatia Quality1.jpg

The end

Before the end, the organization was on the peak and owned:

Company name Location Type Quality Quantity
Incerum-grain.jpg Incerum farm I - III Icon-Egypt.png Egypt Icon - Cattle.png 1stars.gif × 3
Incerum-food.jpg Incerum krafne, Incerum bureci Icon-Egypt.png Egypt Icon - Food Q4.png 4stars.gif × 2
Incerum-iron.jpg Incerum mine I - V Icon-Egypt.png Egypt Icon - Aluminum.png 1stars.gif × 5
Incerum-tanks.jpg Incerum gunz Icon-Egypt.png Egypt Icon - Weapon Q4.png 4stars.gif
Incerum-tanks.jpg Incerum zolje Icon-Egypt.png Egypt Icon - Weapon Q5.png 5stars.gif
Organizations and licences
Name Location Type
Incerum-food.jpg Incerum holding Icon-Germany.png Germany org
Icon - Moving ticket Q3.png List of licences Icon-Croatia.png Croatia Icon-Egypt.png Egypt Icon-USA.png USA Icon-China.png China
Icon-Serbia.png Serbia Icon-Norway.png Norway Icon-Denmark.png Denmark Icon-Poland.png Poland