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Products are the things we buy and the basis of our economy. In this tutorial, you need to know: -What each product does -What Raw Material is needed to make it -How quality level affects the use of the product



You need food to live. The higher quality the food, the more your wellness increases. The amount of increase in wellness depends on your previous wellness (refer back to Wellness). Food is created using Grain.


This product can be given to other citizens and when done so increases their wellness. The higher quality the gift, the higher the wellness is increased. Gifts are created using Diamonds.


Used in fights, in combat and in war. The higher quality the weapon, the more damage you do to your opponent. Weapons are created using Iron.



Having a house increases your wellness everday. The higher quality the house, the more wellness you gain per day. Houses are created using lumber.



This product can only be bought by the government. After a battle, soldiers can use hospitals to revive their wellness. Hospitals are created using lumber.

Moving Tickets

This product allows you to move to different locations in the eWorld. Q1 - Move to an adjacent region Q2 - Move anywhere else in your country Q3 - Move to any adjacent country Q4 - Move anywhere on the continent Q5 - Move anywhere in the world Moving Tickets are created using Oil.

Defence System

This product can only be bought by the government. A Defence System is placed in regions, and acts as a wall which attackers must break down first before they can take-over the region. The higher the population in the region, the more HP the Defence System has. Defence Systems are built using lumber.

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