Irish Economic Solidarity Campaign

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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Irish Economic Solidarity Campaign
Logo of Irish Economic Solidarity Campaign
Owner Irish Government
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Founded January 8, 2011
Founder Dubhthaigh
Services Administrative
Website Forum

The Economic Solidarity Campaign was effectively a relaunch and reworking of the G-Irish campaign. The Ministry of Finance felt a re-branding of the campaign was necessary as not only could the idea be reworked to be more beneficial for Ireland, but many dead or ineligible companies were using the G-Irish logo. Like its predecessor, the initiative was intended to encourage the purchase of domestically produced goods over their foreign counterparts, thus stimulating Irish business and keeping Irish wealth in the Irish economy.

In the end, due to a change to the economic module, company branding was no longer visible on markets, and the campaign became obsolete. For a short time after the changes the organization attempted to remain useful by setting up international trade agreements, but a lack of participation lead to the eventually unofficial termination of the campaign.

How Does It Work?

There are a number of aspects to the Solidarity campaign, the first being consumer recognition - we want the public to know exactly which businesses are involved. This will be achieved in two ways once a company has signed up:

I: Branding. A company should insert 'Solidarity' in front of its name. II: Advertisement. An official list of participant companies will be maintained. A link to this will be inserted into all Finance articles, shouted by the Minister of Finance each day, and permanently shouted by the New Ireland Bank.

The second significant element to this initiative is cooperation and involvement. Whilst Solidarity is a government initiative, it is also a Trade Union, and as such it will elect official representatives, lobby the government for change, and encourage organisation amongst itself for business opportunity. This will happen in the following way:

I: When ten participant companies have been accepted into the project an election will be held, presided over by the Minister of Finance. The elected representative is responsible for lobbying the government and publicising the campaign further. II: Along with the other participant businesses, a simple union charter will be drawn up and voted on. This will be the basis for Solidarity Election protocol (frequency/format etc) and ideological stance (free-trade etc). III: Participants may use this forum for the organisation of business deals and opportunities. [1]

Who Is Eligible?

I: Companies must be based in any of the originally game-assigned Irish territories.

II: The operating citizen(s) must be an Irish citizen and resident.

How To Apply

Applying is easy. Please just send a message to the Minister of Finance or the New Ireland Bank. This message should contain:

I: Your citizen name. II: A link to your citizen profile. III: Name(s) of your company(ies). IV: Link(s) to your company(ies). V: A statement that you are an Irish Citizen and resident.

- Once your message has been read the Minister of Finance will check to make sure you meet the eligibility criteria. If approved you will receive a message stating so, and will be added to the official participant list.

- You can then add 'Solidarity' to your company name.


Contact Position
Dubhthaigh, don.squire Minister of Finance
Bank of Ireland New Ireland Bank


Industry Company
Food (Q1) Solidarity Adriano's food Q
Food (Q1) Solidarity Hudsucker Food
Food (Q1) Solidarity Bia na hEireann
Food (Q3) Solidarity Clash Food
Grain Solidarity Clash Grain
Grain Solidarity Adriano's Grain
Grain Solidarity Eire Triticeae
Grain Solidarity Grain Suridius 1
Grain Solidarity Grain Suridius 2
Grain Solidarity Grain Suridius 3
Grain Solidarity Grain Suridius 4
Grain Solidarity Grain Suridius 5
Grain Solidarity Grain Suridius 6
Grain Solidarity Grain Suridius 7
Iron Solidarity Clash Iron
Iron Solidarity Aspiration Iron
Iron Solidarity Irish Steel Foundry
Iron Solidarity Boat Nectar Ironworks
Moving Tickets (Q2) Solidarity NephAir
Oil Solidarity Eire Consumables
Oil Solidarity Wolves Oil
Oil Solidarity Oil Suridius 1
Weapons (Q1) Solidarity O'Shea Weapons
Weapons (Q2) Solidarity Irish - Spoons of Destructions
Weapons (Q2) Solidarity NepthIreArms
Weapons (Q3) Solidarity Clash Tanks
Weapons (Q5) Solidarity Mobile Weapon Systems

For the most up to date list: [2]

Solidarity Members

Kavrocks, sir adriano prette, oohaah10highfields, Robert Mitchell, Dan Murchadh, Nephworks, Ian E CoIeman, Bryan O'Shea, seanlynch, MrConwayTwitty, Dic Penderyn, Anthony Colby, Kiburi, Marcus Suridius.


On January 8, 2011, Finance Minister Dubhthaigh the Economic Solidarity Campaign (of Ireland) as the successor to the rather abandoned G-Irish campaign. Several companies became members within the first month of the initiatives operation.