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Flag-New Zealand.jpg Isaac Anderson (Born June 05, 2010) is a former politician in Canterbury, New Zealand. He is a New York, USA native since. He's currently Vice President for Peace 'n' Prosperity Party (PnPP).

Isaac Anderson

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Nationality Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealander
National rank 221
Date of birth June 05, 2010
Residence Canterbury, New Zealand Flag-New Zealand.jpg
Sex Male
Political party Peace 'n' Prosperity Party
Newspaper World War Times
Party President of Peace 'n' Prosperity Party
July 15, 2012 –
Preceded by Oboacer
Vice President of Peace 'n' Prosperity Party
June 15, 2012 – August 26, 2012
Served under Oboacer
Succeeded by Ginny Tory
November 15, 2011 – January 1, 2012
Served under Aleda542
Preceded by Ginny Tory
Succeeded by Oboacer
Congress of Auckland
July 15, 2011 – August 15, 2011
Served under Kurojca
November 15, 2011 – December 15, 2011
Served under Crocus Vernus
Congress of Canterbury
May 15, 2012 – June 26, 2012
Served under E.L.E.A.N.O.R.
Military unit Kiwi Military Guard
Squadron 1st Regiment
Military rank Icon rank General***.png General***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Isaac Anderson was born in New York, USA. In his early life, Isaac joined the UIP Militia fighting in World War V until he became a Sergeant Rank. He soon attempted to join the United States Marine Corps but will always fail his last test and gave up. Anderson leaves USA after World War V into Italy. Isaac begins to starts his new Life in Tuscany, Italy with Michael_O'Connor for business growth. There he stayed for 2 months, serving the Italian Army.

New Zealand was discovered in the New World. There he saw a bright future in becoming a new citizen in a new Nation. Isaac have never been disappointed and decided to stay in New Zealand until his new choice. That choice may never come.

Political Life

During the US Life, Isaac ran for Congress under UIP's Party. After three failed attempts of trying for Congress in Alaska and Virginia in USA, He ask his new party (PnPP) to help him guide his way to get his first term in Congress. With such a loyal party, They helped and he achieved his goal. Isaac so far have serve in Congress for the 9th, 13th, and 19th Congress. He also serve as a Party Secretary for PnPP in the last two terms of 2011. In June 15th, Anderson regains his Vice Presidency in PnPP for the 3rd time. Making him running for Party Presidency once Oboacer's term is over.

Te Pori Reunion

When Anderson joined Te Pori, He was a Officer of the party but the party quickly deceased due to player's choice of staying in the New World. In September 29, 2012, Isaac decided to move back from Belgium to join Ginny Tory for Te Pori as their reunion and rebuilding the party.


Isaac Anderson have served in Congress 3 Times in New Zealand. Auckland x2 (9th and 13th Term) July 2011 and November 2011. Canterbury x1 (19th Term) May 2012. On the 20th Congressional Run, Isaac have lost his first ever Congressional run in New Zealand. His future goals that he will run for Party President for Peace 'n' Prosperity Party in 2 weeks.

Military Career

Flag-USA.jpg USA: UIP Militia - E - 3 Rank (Sgt.) Company: 1st

   United States Marine Corps - E - 9 Rank (Sgt.) Master Gunnery Sergeant. Company Bravo 1

Served: 2 Months

Flag-Italy.jpg Italy: Italian Army - Major - 2nd Armata (Army)

Served: 2 Months

Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand: New Zealand Defence Forces - Soldier (Rank: Commander - Lt. Colonel)

            Kiwi Military Guard - Solder (Rank: Lt. Colonel - Colonel**) 1st to 3rd Regiment
                                  Head Captain (Rank: Colonel** - General) Head Captain of Bootcampers - 1st Regiment 
            Silver Fern Guard - Co-Commander (General* -  )

Served: 2 Years

A Mercenary Warrior

Isaac Anderson have achieve the Mercenary Award representing KMG on June 13, 2012 Day 1,667


Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif x3 Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif x6 Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif x7 Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif x3 Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif x8 Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif x1