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Nationality Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesian
National rank 237
Date of birth 22 November 2007 - Day 2
Residence Java
Sex Male
Political party Narcissist
President of Indonesia
2 April 2008 – 1 May 2008
Preceded by yanezu
Succeeded by blink-az
Congressman of Indonesia
26 October 2008 – 25 November 2008
Party president of Narcissist
February 2008 – April 2008
Preceded by ayoe_f_r
Succeeded by Panca
Rank Icon rank Private.png [[Military rank|Icon Field Marshal.jpg
Field Marshal]]

isnuwardana was the first citizen to settle in Indonesia. He served one term as president.

The First The first of them was Isnuwardana, the courageous and the brave. He was well respected, and headed south. He formed the greatest of all nations, Indonesia, where life was happy for years and through time, went everywhere in the world, including the current USA, Canada and all of the east Asian and American continents.


isnuwardana has excellent manufacturing skill and is a valued employee. He has received 20 Hard Worker medals.


isnuwardana is an active politician and a statesman respected by friends and foes alike.
He was a Party president of Narcissist on two occasions.
Isnuwardana was elected in a Congress and he has served 1 term as a Congressman of Indonesia.
In April 2008, Isnuwardana was elected a President of his country and he has served 1 term as a President of Indonesia.
When the war module was implemented, he declared war on Australia with only one congressman voting not to go to war. Later, he worked with Zaney to bring independence back to Australia.


He has achieved a military rank of Field Marshal but in new military modul he's achieved a military rank of Colonel and was awarded following military medals:

Icon achievement hardworker on.gif 27x Hard Worker

Icon achievement congressman on.gif 2x Congress member.

Icon achievement president on.gif 1x Country President.

Icon achievement battlehero on.gif 2x Battle Hero.

Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif 21x Super Soldier.


Berita Sehat is a newspaper owned and published by Isnuwardana. There are over 130 readers subscribed to his newspaper.