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Ivan Blok37

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Nationality Flag-Belarus.jpg Belarusian
National rank 72
Date of birth May 01, 2012
Residence Belarus, Minskaya
Sex Male
Congress of Serbia
Ambassador of Russia
Ambassador of Serbia
Military unit Belarus|Polaris
Position Commander
Rank Icon rank World Class Force 2.png World Class Force**

Ivan Blok37 is a citizen of Belarus. He speaks Serbian, Russian, and English. "Blok37" in his name refers to a part of his municipality, Novi Beograd, called: Block 37.


Early life

Ivan Blok37 has started his life as a fighter in the Serbian MU "Hajduci". He even became a regiment captain.

Due to his activity and a lot of free time, he started reading articles from many countries, not only Serbia. In an article of the Cypriot MoFA newspaper, he saw a chance to become an ambassador of Cyprus in Serbia and Montenegro. However, due to his lack of experience and lack of contacts, he resigned from that position after about 30 days.

Congress member and an ambassador for the second time

Ivan joined Serbian political party "Zajedno" and after three months in the party, he became a congressman, mostly because of his activity.

After that, he applied to become an ambassador in Russia and he got the job. Because of bad comments from Russian players that thought he was dishonest in the intention to bring Serbia closer to Russia, he decided to quit the job.

Move to Belarus

After the rules of becoming a regiment captain in Hajduci changed, Ivan decided to leave Hajduci and change his nationality in the game. He chose Belarus because he could practice his Russian there. From the day 1881 he is in Belarus, with a small pause to get the gold from the gold mine in Serbia (days 1951-1975).

He became a commander of the military unit Polaris because the last commander was inactive. He was a party president in the smallest Belarusian party that changed its name often.


He gave an interview in Russian to Belarusian Ministry of information: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-mininfo-amp-cult-039-8-ivan-blok37-ru-27-04-2013--2252032/1/20 You can contact him via his profile.


Icon achievement hardworker on.gif Hard Worker (x14) Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif Super Soldier (x55)
Icon achievement congressman on.gif Congress member (x1)
November of 2012
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif Battle Hero (x17)
Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif Media Mogul (x2) Icon achievement resistance on.gif Resistance Hero (x1)
Icon achievement mercenary on.gif Mercenary (x2) Icon achievement truepatriot on.gif True Patriot (x12)

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