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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
National rank 70
Date of birth February 5 2009
Political party Pilsnerdemokraterna
Newspaper Enenra's Newspaper
Congressman of Sweden
Military unit Blaze it
Position Commander
Rank Icon rank God of War***.png God of War***

Enenra is one of the most active Icon-Sweden.png Sweden players. He was born as Jacce but on day 1785 he changed his name to Enenra. Enenra is not that famous in Sweden, the reason for that is that he spends most of his online time in Swedish Skype Elite's Skype channel. Jacce is creator of the script site eRepublik Scripts.


Old Jacce avatar
On day 922 he traveled to Australia, but on day 949 (the day eAustralia officially was PTOed) he returned to Sweden.

25/8 he got into the congress the second time, this time he's more serious. Day 1070 (30/10 2010) he got into the Swedish congress the third time. The late 2010 he moved to Singapore on vacation. There, he fought until he became broke. In February 2011, he moved back to eSweden and became a soldier.


Enenra as Jacce in SSE
Enenra is one of the founders of SSE, his co-founders was Alfons Haschberg, Dante N, C. Nilsson and Wheel1. Enenra has been a member of several different Mu's, but have always found his way back to SSE.
Asgard Vikings avatar
When Swedish Skype Elite, Kamikaze Army and Nordic Battlegroup merged into Asgard Vikings Day 1879 Enenra was named their first Commander. His goals is to get AV to become the MU with the best community, the highest activity and the best coordinated attacks in eSweden.


Enenra Have been a member of the eswedish congress for 8 times. At first he was mostly in politics for the gold, but after a while he started to run for the opportunity to shape Sweden after his own belifes. Day 1791 he founded the political party MFD ( Military Feminism Dictatorship ) together with an old friend from SSE, Maze87.

MFD is one of the five biggest parties in Sweden, witch allowes their members to run for congress. He have had a seat in congress ever since the start of MFD. He have also represented MFD as party president for two turns.The reason to create MFD was that the two founders saw a need for a militant party that also was beginnerfriendly. The party hands out wepons to beginners and have plas to give wepons to plyers in division 1 and 2 in Asgard Vikings.


Jacce owns a newspaper called Enenra's Newspaper, formerly named Newbies in Focus that in past were very active. One of his most famoust articles is 1000 dagar, 1000 SEK (english: 1000 days, 1000 SEK) where he donated a total of 1000 SEK to celebrate the 1000th day of eRepublik.


Enenra almost always uses a picture of J-Dog in a mask as avatar. J-Dog is a member of a band called Hollywood Undead wich is Enenras favourite band.