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Jack Flufferton

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth December 14, 2008
Date of death  ?
Residence Globetrotter
Sex Male
Ambassador of India
March, 2009 – April, 2009
Military unit USMC
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Jack Flufferton is a citizen of USA.

Early Days

Jack Flufferton was born on December 14, 2008 in Colorado, but the poor health care drove him to Florida. He established permanent residence there, but peacetime led him to fight all across the world, for the sake of his wellness. Jack found the trivia aspect of the game fun, since he is dominant, and never missed a day of eRepublik as a result.

First Business Venture

In January 2009, Jack founded Initech to manage his first business, Insert Erection Joke Here, a Q1 wood company in Tennessee, USA. The company was soon upgraded to Q2, and with the help of a team of investors in February 2009, it was upgraded to Q3.

Business Expansion

IEJH's profit allowed Jack to open Insert Ironic Joke here, a Q2 iron company in Asturias, Spain, which was also upgraded to Q3 with the help of four investors in March, 2009. IIJH was then sold to fund a Q3 food company in California, Mmm...Food, an homage to rapper MF Doom. MF was upgraded to Q4 in June, 2009.

Bang Bang Guns and Robbers, a tribute to Casey and his Brother, was purchased in Tennessee in June, 2009. The Q2 weapon company was upgraded to Q3 in July 2009.

Overseas Ventures

In May 2009, Air Deutschland was created in Hesse, Germany, providing Q1 moving tickets to the Germans. Soon thereafter, the company was located on Swedish, Polish and Hungarian soil within the same week, and Jack backed out of the Central European market.

Jack entered the South American grain market in Peru, founding the Q2 grain company Andean Grain, and soon upgraded it to Q3.

Further Additions

In July 2009, the gift market was very profitable, and Jack seized the opportunity, creating Initech Gifts in Florida, supplying gifts to American and Spanish soldiers as WWIII continues on. To serve the needs of the population boom in Greece, Andean Grain was sold to purchase and upgrade Insert Erecting Joke Here to Q3 in August 2009. Initech then purchased a Q3 diamond company in Northern Cape later in August.

Military Career

Once he reached 4 strength, he enlisted in the eUS National Guard at a time when the military was paid on a weekly basis. He was promoted to the dysfunctional eUS Army in February 2009, rising to the rank of Captain in March 2009, leading a platoon of 20 men. When Jack reached 8 strength, he applied to the eUS Marine Corps and was accepted in April 2009. He has been a member of First Platoon, Alpha Company, aka Death Guard, under Lieutenant Cstarlight21 and Sergeant Layne Kantor. He reached the in-game rank of General in April 2009 on the heels of the USA-Mexico and USA-Ireland training wars.

War Veteran

Jack has participated in the following military operations:

Media Ventures

Jack became the press director of The Fluffertonian Times in January 2009 and has been the sole contributor to the publication ever since. The Fluffertonian focuses on topics that inspire Jack to share his thoughts, which range from game philosophy to infrastructure planning. The Fluffertonian prides itself on publishing articles only when the content meets the highest quality standards and crusades to increase the quality of our media as a whole by trolling trash articles.

International Success and Controversy

Jack scored his first hit article August 21, 2009 with a satirical piece critiquing the radical views of South African politician Ajay Bruno, particularly his homophobic views. The article announced Jack's gay marriage to Ajay and lambasted his bigotry with ironic odes to his wonderful characteristics. The article was a wild success, reaching the top five USA news stories in just four hours, and eventually becoming the fifth most voted article internationally and highest rated in the USA.

While most citizens recognized the obvious satire, some were offended at the idea of two men getting married and objected to the article. 20 hours after being published, it was deleted by the admins and Jack was given 0.5 forfeit points on the grounds that it offended a "certain group of individuals". Jack found this ludicrous, as Ajay is merely one person, and the article was in no way disrespectful to homosexuals. The admins agreed and restored the article three hours later.

In an unprecedented move, the article was deleted again 44 hours after publication and Jack received 0.5 more forfeit points. He again appealed on the grounds that he had already been punished for the same offense once before, but the appeal has since gone unanswered.

Indian Ambassadorship

Jack was selected by Secretary of State Inwegen to serve as ambassador to India from March to April 2009. Relations between the USA and India remained positive during his tenure.

May 2009 Congressional Run

Jack ran for congress under the United Independents Party banner, which selected South Carolina for his candidature. He ran on a platform of rational evaluation of game mechanics to make the best decisions for the eUS in a completely non-partisan fashion. Jack made his best attempt reach the citizens of South Carolina, but an inferior candidate being elected despite his lack of a newspaper to communicate with his constituents. He returned to the Marine Corps after the election.