Jacob van den Guldenweege

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Dead citizen

Jacob van den Guldenweege

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Nationality Flag-Netherlands.jpg Dutch
Date of birth 11 March 2009
Date of death cca 2011
Sex male
Newspaper Hollandse Nieuwe
Party president of Geuzen Partij Nederland
28 May 2011 – 15 August 2011
Succeeded by Mr. Sphere
Congress member of Netherlands
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Jacob van den Guldenweege was a citizen of the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands, and founder of the Geuzen Partij Nederland.

Loved by many new players, his conduct was often denounced by others, making him a controversial figure in the history of the Netherlands.


Early days

Almost nothing is known about Jacob in his early days, only that he was a very active state company manager, a position which he got fired from because he raised wages without permission from or deliberation with other state company managers[1]. Not long after his dismissal, he left the game and died for the first time around Day 578.


Jacob came back to life around Day 1280[2], when eRepublik was featured on the front page of several Dutch regional newspapers. At that moment, half of the Netherlands was occupied by Poland.

Jacob bought a lot of gold which he put into new companies and the creation of the Geuzen Partij Nederland, which he consequently became Party President of. GPN grew into the second biggest party within a month, owing to their appeal to new players, and soon after it became the biggest party of the Netherlands. Many people joined the party because of its plans for helping young players. With some ups and downs, they maintained this position for several weeks. Only when the admins removed dead players from party rankings, GPN lost this status for good.

In June 2011, Jacob became State Secretary of Finance, being dismissed halfway his term by then President ArtemIvanov [3][4], due to intolerable behaviour and accusations.

Lastly Jacob ran for the office of President of the Netherlands[5] in the July 2011 elections, but lost them by a huge margin against Heikanu (65.85% - 21.14%).[6].

After he lost, nothing was heard from him again. When he disappeared, he still had to pay the outstanding Congress tax for five of his party members. Jacob subsequently died


Jacob was a very popular figure for some time. He managed to singlehandedly make his party the biggest of the country, and put the rights and needs of young players on the agenda. Because of this, all other parties started developing plans for helping young players. His fight against what he called the 'establishment', and his appeals for the lowering of taxes made him loved by large segments of the populace.



  • Jacob at one moment almost employed half the population of the Netherlands (around 200 people), which was frowned upon by many, as questions where being raised about his virtual monopoly. The controversy ended when game-mechanics were altered to allow a maximum of five workers per company, much to Jacob's displeasure. [7]


  • Jacob got fired as a state company manager around Day 578 because he raised worker wages without permission[8].
  • Jacob got fired as Secretary of State of Finance by the then President ArtemIvanov[9].
  • Jacob got into a dispute about the level of democracy in the GPN party when his vice-president, Mr. Sphere, ran for the office of Party President. [10][11]
  • Jacob left the Netherlands for Bratislava after his failed bid for the Presidency, never paying the Congress tax for five of his party members.


  • Jacob was a fundamentalist Christian, for instance featuring the logo of a RL Dutch political party Christian Union as his avatar for some time.
  • Jacob wrote long articles and posts with lots of statistics, which were deemed unrealistic or unfounded by most people.


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Hard Worker (x6)
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