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AK47.jpg This page is about a paramilitary group or organisation.

Paramilitary groups are any organization that participates in military actions exclusive of national armies.


This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Jelly Army
Logo of Jelly Army
Country Flag-Lithuania.jpg Lithuania
Headquarters Sudovia, Lithuania
Founded May - 01 - 2011
Founder n3m0
Founders all Jelly's member

Jelly Army! We March to the Jelly Land!

Jelly Army was held to gather all players from any background or country in order to find a new place called home. Most of the members were from Indonesia, however by the time went by, some foreigners also joined the club.


Poring Badge of Jelly Army
Jelly Army was created as founders were bored with current internal politic in eIndonesia where many of them loved to run a scenario or drama. They loved to make conflicts among themselves and wasted people's times, energy and effort.

One day the "mom", mumun, show her care to the "Jelly Army man" and told them to find a new place called home. On the other hand many of Indonesian players also said the same thing to them. They asked them to shut the fuck off and receive the changes that happened now in country.

The idea of finding new place as home got positive respond from those who were bored. Together they discussed over and over again and trying to examine which country would be their new home.

New Home – Denmark!

Jelly Army men then saw Denmark as a good place to stay. Located near Sweden and fighting with China. They only needed one region that dont needed by Sweden to be free. But before they made the liberation, as they were planning to stay for the long term and really wanted to build that country, they needed solid support from the neighbours, so they contacted Swedish President – valnad – and asked for his permission.

He replied the pm and told to contact some Swedish players that support this movement, one of them was Lobbanet. A long discussion about the plan and the future was held. The bad thing about this plan was that it was impossible to found any real people from Denmark. Since the time keep tickling, without any other consideration, Jelly Army started the liberation and free the region.

Denmark was the big NO

When Denmark had her own country stand up, many of the old Danes show that they dont like the idea. Their attitude was presented by a player called pho3nix. He kept sending many pms full of hatred and hate and accused Jelly Army to be part of another PTO. Although Jelly Army man explained that they were there to build the country, he didn't believed them.
As situation was bad, Jelly Army tried to find a solution by contacting some ambassadors like the ex president of Denmark – hjborn, and the president of Sweden as well. Too bad after days of waiting and patiencely showing willingness to help Sweden fight against China, the situation didn't improve and Denmark started to look like a place of chaos. They didn't had any dignity and native Danes didn't want to have their own country. Jelly Army was shocked with this condition, as they never knew there is a nation who really has low motivation like them after having many PTO attempts on them.

Then, Jelly Army tried to find another country for them to stay, as Denmark would never be Jelly land. If they don’t want Jelly Army to support their country, why Jelly Army man should push themselves?

Finally... Jelly Army man come home

After marching for days to find a better place to stay, Mr. vyygis come and spare his time to company Jelly Army. In the conversation, Jelly Army man seen that the country from where he was, seemed to be nice, friendly, calm, cool and had a high proud for their own motherland! So, without any doubt, Jelly Army man then asked him if his country could be new home for them. Without hesitation, after several days of consideration, Lithuania accepted Jelly Army to be part of them!
10 days of march on finding the Jelly Land got paid off.

Mumunisme - Holy Mother Mumun

Mumun is immortal. Mumun by myths said that reincarnation of admin aka mimin, but refuses to became one of the wigs/aliens/admin. Hse (mix of he and she) choose mortal way and live among us. There is no relief or history on where and how Mumun come to eWorld. But some of the fact of Mumun are:

  • Only eGod and mumun know why hse got The title of "Holy Mother Mumun"
  • Hse has many childrens
  • Hse born many times
  • Hse got affair with admins
  • Jelly are Mumun's children

Chaos in Jelly land - Betrayal of our best friend

Having great power need great responsibility. Jelly has rise to their best as solid and great legion with significant damage. This situation was lead by one of the founding fathers - Lobbanet II - to follow the dark way of joy in order to get more fun.
He PTOED one of inactive parties in Lithuania, became a party president, changed the party's name and propose himself to became the President.
This action was never planned and discussed before and was rejectč. Apologizes were sent to Lithuanian people. Jelly Army men held a meeting with Lobbanet and he agreed to leave the party and presidency election. He promised to do everything for Jelly. But the fact is.. he did not...

The Leader and Supreme Master

Jelly army got a leader every week that elected from arena. They held a fight between those who wanna be a leader in arena; fight each other till their last blood. After one only survived, he/she became the leader of Jelly after approved by Supreme Master - Holy Mother Mumun. The duty of Jelly's Leader is to wash holy mother MUMUN's feet became shinny. The fight to claim Jelly's leader called "Battle Royal of Jelly".

Battle Royal of Jelly

The fight held once a week. All Jelly's member fought with their best skill in order to claim "Master of Battle Royal". The rewards of this battle were:

  • Became the cleaner of Mumun's feet (the highest honor for every member).
  • Got G donation from all of the losers.

Battle Royal of Jelly Mechanisms:

  • One article was released upon the fight started.
  • The members then started to fight between each other.
  • When the article vanished, the last who was still standing up deserved to became "Master of Battle Royal".
  • The rest of members paid for their master as their loyalty.

The mission

To help the Jelly land.

Founders of Jelly Army Consists of:

Jelly-army1.JPG Jelly-army2.JPG Jelly-army3.JPG Jelly-army4.JPG

Back to the Ancestor

After long period of time leaving the ancestor's land, finally people from ancestor's land were calling to come home. Some of the jellys refused to change their cs from Lithuania, but they still helped the ancestor's Land of Indonesia. Jelly Army then merged with their old MU - Totally_Outlaw_Party.


Poring Badge of Jelly Army in Lithuania
12 May 2011 - Till the end

Old Poring Badge of Jelly Army in Denmark
1 May 2011 - 12 May 2011